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The incredible £250,000 jewellery gift Sarah Ferguson received from the Queen

If anyone knows how to make a bold style statement – it’s Sarah Ferguson. From her breath-taking Burmese ruby engagement ring to the 17ft train on her wedding dress, over the years, she’s blown us away.

During her wedding to ex-husband, Prince Andrew, on July 23, 1986, not only was her dress incredible, but she also stunned us by showing off not one, but two, stunning headpieces – a beautiful flower crown and a very expensive diamond tiara.

Upon walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, her glittering diamond tiara was disguised under a crown of white gardenias, which she reportedly chose because they were Prince Andrew’s favourite.

At the end of the official ceremony, Sarah Ferguson, announced herself as the latest member of the royal family by removing her flower crown to unveil and dazzling us with the diamond tiara.

Blinded by the sparkle, our jewellery experts at Steven Stone took a close look at the piece to reveal everything you need to know. From the value and design to the location of it now.

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What we know about Sarah Ferguson’s wedding tiara

Unlike most of the tiaras worn at British royal weddings, which are usually loaned from the royal collection, this piece was completely new, and was actually a gift from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

And, as it was her personal property, in true Fergie style, she continued to wear the dazzling “York Tiara” for royal engagements for the next decade, including during her visits to Australia and Canada, and even after she was divorced from Prince Andrew.

Fergie also wore the extravagant headpiece to Elton John’s white tie ball in 2001, because…why the heck not?

“The stunning diamond tiara, with a huge five carat centre stone, is surrounded by an intricate swirled pattern of diamonds of various sizes. It’s a remarkable piece, however, with a value of around £250,000, it’s not quite as expensive as some of the other royal tiaras we’ve seen.

The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara worn by Princess Eugenie on her wedding day is the most valuable tiara overall, worth an estimated £10,000,000, however she did have to return it to the Queen’s collection.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

How does it compare to other royal tiaras?

Princess Eugenie – The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara

Diamond expert, Maxwell Stone, said: “The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara is made of rose-cut pave diamonds set in platinum and is adorned with six emeralds. The centre features a 93.7-carat cabochon-cut emeralds, which is what makes it so valuable.
“The distinctive diamond and emerald headpiece, made by the French jeweller Boucheron in 1919, which we estimated to be worth £10 million, making it the most expensive royal tiara to date.
“Its original owner was Dame Margaret Greville, a famous society hostess who, upon her death, left her jewels to the Queen Mother. When the Queen Mother passed away in 2002, much of that collection, including the Kokoshnik tiara, went to Queen Elizabeth. In 2018, the Queen lent it to Princess Eugenie for her wedding day—making it the most extravagant “something borrowed.”

Princess Beatrice – The Queen Mary Fringe tiara

Commissioned by Queen Mary in 1919, it was originally a fringe necklace that was a wedding day gift from Queen Victoria, which she often wore in her hair. However, Queen Mary was fond of customising her jewellery pieces, so 26 years after her wedding day in 1893 she asked royal jeweller Garrard to make it into a kokoshnik-style piece, consisting of 47 graduated brilliant and rose-set tapering bars, separated by 46 narrower spikes, which could still be removed to make a necklace.

Our experts estimate it to be worth £5,000,000.

Image: The Projects World 

Meghan Markle – Queen Mary’s Bandeau tiara 

Reportedly, Meghan Markle visited Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace to choose what tiara she would wear on her wedding day. The tiara she picked belonged to Queen Mary, who was married to King George V and is Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother. The centre stone featured in the tiara is actually a brooch, comprised of 10 diamonds and which Mary of Teck received as a wedding gift from the County of Lincoln in 1893. In 1932, the diamond and platinum bandeau tiara was specifically made to accommodate the brooch.

We estimate it’s worth around £2,000,000.

Image: NY Times

Kate Middleton’s Cartier Halo Tiara is worth £1M

The dazzling tiara Kate Middleton chose to wear on 29 April 2011 has become one of the most iconic royal wedding tiaras of all time. Known as the Cartier Halo tiara, it’s made up of 739-brilliant cut diamond and 149 baguette diamonds, and was lent to Kate by the Queen.

Interestingly Kate was not the first royal to wear it. It was often considered a good ‘beginner’ tiara of sorts, perfect for a younger family member, with a smaller-than-average size that wouldn’t induce headaches. Princess Margaret was the first to borrow the Cartier Halo tiara and it quickly became one of her favourite pieces when she was young. The tiara was also lent to Princess Anne who last wore the piece in public in the 1970s.

Queen Elizabeth has only worn the tiara once, shortly after she received it and before she became Queen Consort. She has never worn the tiara to a public event, as she prefers to wear larger, grander pieces.

Image: Big World Tale

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