A fresh look at Angelina Jolie's stunning engagement ring

Whilst Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie are no longer a match made in heaven, back in 2012 when the pair got engaged, Brad stole Angelina's heart with an incredible engagement ring worth an estimated $250,000 at the time.

The ring is a one of a kind creation that was designed by Brad and constructed by celebrity jeweller Robert Procop who revealed that Brad had a very specific idea in mind that he wanted to execute. He wanted to ensure the style of the ring matched Angelina’s personality and embodied her sophisticated style.


Edgy and sophisticated, just like Angelina, it features an emerald-cut diamond centre stone flanked by dazzling trapezoid side diamonds that extend down both sides of the shanks. The diamonds are custom cut, and are shaped to complement Angelina’s hand. Procop said in an interview with People magazine, “Brad had a specific vision for this ring…the side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality.”

This means that these diamonds are free from any imperfections, colour, or inclusions that can devalue the stone and the ring.


Steven Stone diamond expert, Max Stone, is a huge fan of the celebrity ring design. He said: "Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring is a great example of how incredible a custom design can be. Collaborating with a world renowned jeweller, the style of the ring suits her personality, and the size is perfect for her finger. Unlike other celebrity rings, it doesn't look too large."

"Celebrity jewellery is always stunning, and usually very high value, however, that's not to say you can't find similar styles and designs for a much lower cost. The grade of the diamond may be slighter lower, and the size of the stone may be smaller, but that doesn't mean it won't look incredible."

To create a ring just like Angelina Jolie's, get in touch with one of our team.

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