What's your favourite gemstone and why?

I adore all gemstones, their beauty never fails to captivate me! Picking a favourite one is like picking a favourite child - it’s an impossible task. When I hold a superb Colombian emerald - in that moment, that’s my favourite gemstone. An hour later I’ll be holding a cornflower blue Burma sapphire, and you guessed it, it will become my new favourite!

That being said the gemstone that is a constant favourite is undoubtedly diamonds. Not just any diamonds, they must be natural diamonds. Of late, I’ve been obsessing over fancy coloured diamonds, in particular blues and pinks. But at the end of the day, a white emerald cut diamond still holds the number one spot in my heart. The clean steps, the hall of mirrors effect, the purity of a spectacular emerald cut diamond, melts me every time!

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