It’s been 25 years since ‘Titanic’-  starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio – was released and it’s about to return to the big screen.

James Cameron’s award winning film has been digitally remastered for the new showings and will be available to watch in 3D 4K HDR high-frame rate.

‘Titanic’ amassed a whopping 14 Oscar nominations in 1998. From those nominations, it landed 11 Oscars – including Best Picture and Best Director for James Cameron.

To celebrate the blockbusters return to cinemas, fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have recreated the Heart of the Ocean.

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What is the Heart of the Ocean?

If you’re not familiar with the Heart of the Ocean, it’s a fictional piece of jewellery that’s featured in the film.

During the film, Rose DeWitt Butaker is given the Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace as a gift from her fiance, Caledon Hockley. However, she is being pressured to marry him to save her family’s status and financial situation, rather than out of love.

Rose returns the unwanted gift to Cal’s safe along with a note saying that she doesn’t wish to be with him. 

Cal later gives Rose his coat forgetting that the Heart of the Ocean is still in one of the pockets and she later lets it fall into the ocean.

Our Creation

Inspired by the Heart of the Ocean, our experts have created a high-quality replica of the eye catching pendant.

The 50 carat piece features a deep blue sapphire, surrounded by a halo of sparkling round brilliant diamonds.

Whilst the Heart of the Ocean prop that Kate Winslet wore on set during her time as Rose DeWitt Bukater cost just $7500 to produce, our experts estimate this piece to be worth a staggering $150 million.

Is the Heart of the Ocean real?

The Heart of the Ocean necklace featured in the Titanic movie is fictional. However, there are centuries of history behind the story.

The fictional piece was largely inspired by a real-life treasure that’s called the Hope Diamond.

Originally mined in India, the 45.52 carat Hope diamond was cut from an even larger stone called the Tavernier Blue. The Tavernier Blue diamond was sold to Louis XIV in 1768 who had it re-cut into a stone he called the “Diamant bleu de la Couronne de France” (the blue diamond of the French Crown). 

Louis XVI wore the stone as part of a large pendant, but shortly after his imprisonment, it was stolen and didn’t reappar until the early 1800s. By this time, it had been re-cut again, to form what is now known as the Hope diamond.

Image: Steven Stone

Was there a famous necklace on the Titanic?

There may not have been a Jack and Rose on the Titanic, but there was a Kate Florence Phillips and a Henry Samuel Morley.

Henry was a 40 year old married man who owned a confectionary in London. Kate was his young employee and secret mistress.

The pair had decided that they wanted to start a new life together and had chosen to elope aboard the Titanic, under fake names.

To show his love and devotion to his new bride, Henry gifted Kate a diamond and sapphire necklace.

Though Kate was rescued by a lifeboat – wearing nothing but the necklace and a thin nightgown – Henry unfortunately didn’t survive the sinking of the ship.

“The Heart of the Ocean is the Queen of onscreen gems, so we were excited to replicate it for the 25th anniversary of ‘Titanic’.

Worn by Kate Winslet’s character Rose DeWitt Bukater, the fictional pendant is gifted to her in the film by Cal Hockley and also steals the show at the end of the award winning film.

Our creation features a deep blue heart shaped sapphire, surrounded by a halo of sparkling round brilliant diamonds. Whilst the prop from the film cost just $7500 to produce, I’d estimate our 50 carat piece to be worth a staggering $150 million.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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