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A close look at Reese Witherspoon’s engagement ring

Leading Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon, celebrated her 10-year wedding anniversary to Jim Toth this year.

To celebrate, diamond experts at Steven Stone have taken a close look at her incredible engagement ring to reveal what makes it so special.

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According to our experts, Reese Witherspoon’s ring is extremely rare as it features a unique Ashoka diamond – a cut which has been patented by US designer, William Goldberg.

This diamond is a new variation of the emerald cut, which is known for its step-cut design. It has 62 facets in comparison to a classic emerald diamond which has 46.

“Reese Witherspoon’s engagement ring features a precious Ashoka diamond on a cut down shoulder setting design. The defining characteristic of this cut is its facets, which ‘criss-cross’ each other.

The shine on the diamond is particularly brilliant and more distinctive than any other rare diamond. Reese’s ring is around 4 carat in total, with an estimated value of $500,000.

While emerald cuts are timeless, the Ashoka, along with the Crisscut diamond, are beautiful alternatives, growing in popularity as more people become aware of their unique properties.”

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Although you might not be able to get your hands on an Ashoka diamond, if you’re a fan of the emerald cut and want to steal Reese’s style, a Crisscut could be a great alternative.

A Crisscut diamond is very similar to an emerald cut, as they both feature a rectangular, elongated shape. However, unlike the emerald cut, Crisscuts are extremely rare – with just a few diamond jewellers (including Steven Stone) selling them globally.

Everything you need to know about Crisscut engagement rings

You won’t have to pay more for clarity

The emerald cut tends to expose the slightest of imperfections and inclusions, meaning it’s best to select a higher clarity diamond to ensure you don’t go short of sparkle. On the other hand, if you opt for a Crisscut, the expertly designed facets allow these natural inclusions to be disguised, which means you won’t have to pay more for clarity.

They have almost double the number of facets

The beauty of this unique diamond cut lies in the stunning step-like facets that cross within the stone. The diamond is elongated in shape with trimmed corners and typically has 85 facets in comparison to a classic Emerald which has just 46.

They can look up to 45% larger than an emerald cut

If you’re looking for a large stone but don’t have enough cash for the carats, a Crisscut diamond could be exactly what you need. Although they look very similar to an Emerald cut diamond, a 1ct Crisscut stone can look up to 45% larger than an Emerald cut of the same size thanks to the increased number of facets. This means you get a diamond that looks almost twice as large for a similar price.

Maximises the stone’s brilliance

**Instead of cutting a diamond deep with a lot of carat weight hidden way down in the setting, Crisscut diamonds have a broader surface and silhouette, making the diamond reflect light better and maximising their sparkle.

They are very exclusive

Just like the Ashoka diamond worn by Reese Witherspoon, the Crisscut diamond is extremely rare. Steven Stone is the only UK diamond retailer to stock the cut, which means you’ll be getting a ring unlike any other.

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