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A look back at Paris Hilton's FOUR incredible engagement rings

As a former model, reality TV star, singer, actress, and DJ, Paris Hilton has racked up an impressive resume over the years.

Often referred to as the “original” influencer, Paris was setting trends and promoting designer brands before Instagram and TikTok existed.

Not only did she set some of the most memorable fashion trends of the 2000’s, she also set a huge celebrity engagement ring trend. The bigger the better.

Being engaged four times, her engagement rings became the highlights of insane media coverage, mainly because they were all absolutely huge.

Let’s take an in depth look at these four engagement rings with our expert, Zack Stone, as he breaks down the intricacies surrounding each piece.

The Latest, aka Carter Reum

Carter Milliken Reum, author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist went down on one knee on February 13th, at a private island whilst celebrating Paris Hilton’s 40th birthday. Hilton’s emerald cut engagement ring—an embodiment of Classical and Art Nouveau-era influences was exclusively designed for her by Jean Dousset, the great-great-grandson of legendary jeweler Cartier.

Aptly named, ‘The Paris’ this ring is a brilliant interpretation of the Grand Palais in Paris, France, which the Paris ring was meticulously modeled after. Our diamond specialist, Zack Stone validates that the ring features an emerald cut centre stone and has 17 custom cut tapers, trapezoid, and baguette cut diamonds fitted using a tension setting to align the diamonds seamlessly. It is customised with a special P-shaped pink sapphire stone that subtly radiates from beneath its setting. A unique detail that speaks to her individualism and gives it the custom uniqueness that Paris is known for.

Zack Stone has estimated that this unique one of a kind ring costs around £750,000 and would retail for much more.

No Take Backs aka Chris Zylka

Chris Zylka, actor and model, asked Paris Hilton to marry him over New Year’s 2018 with a 20-carat pear-shaped ring during an Aspen ski trip. According to our resident expert Zack Stone, the 20-carat extravaganza by jeweller Michael Greene, who designed it with Chris Zylka over two days featured a pear-cut center stone encircled by a ring of diamonds and set on a double diamond pavé band.

Apparently in a strange twist, Chris Zylka supposedly did not buy the ring according to Paris Hilton. She claimed that “The person who we got it from, got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity. It was free.” The ring designer however denied such claims. Regardless, Paris called off the engagement in November 2018 and refused to return the ring when Zylka asked for it back.

Our gemstone specialist Zack Stone estimated the ring to fetch upward of £1,500,000. We really can’t blame someone who’s life work revolves around promoting brands, for keeping the ring.

Choices aka Paris Latsis

The Greek shipping magnate, Paris Latsis knew that he would have to go big if he wanted to marry Paris Hilton. So he proffered up 15 spectacular diamond rings of different makes and sizes for her to choose from. These magnificent baubles included offerings from Tiffany’s and Harry Winston. She eventually settled on a whopping 24-carat emerald cut, canary diamond ring.

Zack Stone, our diamond expert, estimates the ring at £3,500,000 and believes that no big names were involved in the procurement of the stone or in setting it. After the pair amiably called the engagement off a few months later, Paris auctioned the ring for reportedly $2 million. The twist? The buyer ended up paying half of what the ring was reportedly worth,

Way back aka Jason Shaw.

Paris Hilton was 20 years of age when model Jason Shaw proposed in 2002. Again, this lasted just a few months. However, they parted on good terms and were rumoured to have reconnected in 2010.

Our engagement ring expert Zack Stone tells us that Jason Shaw proposed with a pear-shaped diamond set in a gold band. He estimates the ring to have cost around £500,000 at that time.

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, check out our collection of stunning styles, settings and stones.

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