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Emeli Sandé is engaged – and we can’t take our eyes off her striking engagement ring

A huge congratulations are in order for Emeli Sandé, who has revealed that she’s engaged to her girlfriend, classical pianist Yoana Karemova.

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday 21st September to share a photograph of her smiling as she showcased her beautiful engagement ring.

She captioned the heartwarming snap: “I saw Yes!” followed by two heart emojis.

Fine jewellery and engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone couldn’t wait to take a look and have revealed everything you need to know about the eye-catching ruby ring.

Instagram: @emelisande
Instagram: @emelisande
Instagram: @emelisande

Emeli’s spectacular engagement ring is a cluster ring – featuring a 3 carat ruby stone, surrounded by eleven 33 round diamonds, sat on a yellow gold band.

Cluster rings first came into fashion in the Edwardian period and are still popular today, with royals such as Sarah Ferguson and her daughter Eugenie both sporting the timeless style.  From a distance, cluster rings can appear to be one large diamond as they glint and shine in the light.

Opting for a ruby as the central stone in an engagement ring is an incredibly romantic decision – known as being the stone of love, the red gemstone has long been associated with symbols of passion and romantic love, bringing good fortune to those who wear it.

“Emeli’s engagement ring is stunning. Featuring what looks to be a 3 carat ruby red stone, set on a yellow gold band, it’s certainly eye catching. Ruby is an incredibly romantic choice of gemstone – not only has it long been associated with energy, passion and power for life, but it’s the stone of love.

The ruby is surrounded by eleven 3mm round diamonds, making it a cluster ring – an elegant design that first came into fashion in the Edwardian period. From a distance, cluster rings can appear to be one large diamond as they glint and shine in the light.

I’d estimate Emeli’s engagement ring to be worth £70,000.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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