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How much are Beyoncé’s diamond earpieces worth?

Beyoncé recently kicked off her Renaissance World Tour at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden – marking her first solo concert outing in seven years.

During the sold-out show, Beyoncé performed 36 tracks for nearly three hours, including various songs from her seventh studio album ‘Renaissance’ and numerous hits that showcased her decades-long career.

Her fashion never disappoints and she’s been wearing a particularly dazzling accessory throughout the tour that we can’t take our eyes off – a set of diamond earpieces.

Fine jewellery and diamond experts at Steven Stone have taken a close look at the earpieces, revealing everything you need to know – including that all important price tag.

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Over the years, Beyoncé has accumulated an impressive collection of jewels – from statement necklaces and opulent crowns, to her 18ct emerald cut engagement ring from Jay Z.

As a Tiffany & Co. ambassador, the chart topping star has received some show-stopping pieces from the premier jeweller, but perhaps the most exclusive yet are the sparkling earpieces that she’s currently wearing on tour.

Every artist wears in ear monitors onstage to ensure that they can hear their band and sound mixes, but we very much doubt that every artist has a pair of platinum in ear monitors that feature 4.5 carats worth of diamonds!

Our experts estimate each of Beyoncé’s sparkling and slightly holographic earpieces to carry a value of around $25,000 – making the set worth $50,000.

“Beyoncé’s jewelry collection is legendary – from her array of statement necklaces to her 18ct emerald cut engagement ring, you can always count on Queen Bey to be sparkling.

As a Tiffany & Co ambassador, the chart topping star has received some show-stopping pieces from the jeweler over the years, but the most exclusive yet has to be the platinum earpieces that she’s currently wearing on her Renaissance World Tour, which feature 4.5 carats worth of diamonds.

I’d estimate the earpieces to be worth around $25k each, making the set worth $50k.”

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