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Kimberly Stewart is engaged – take a look at her stunning ring

Kimberly Stewart, daughter of music legend, Rod Stewart is engaged! The star announced her engagement to producer Jesse Shapira on Instagram on Sunday 6th February by showing off a pretty incredible ring on her finger.

Kimberly snapped a stunning photo of her and her now-fiancé, which she simply captioned: “Forever ❤️.”

The pair have reportedly been dating since 2019, and have now decided to take their relationship to the next level.

When a celebrity gets engaged, here at Steven Stone, we love nothing more than getting a peek of the engagement ring, and this huge beauty was no exception.

Instagram: @thekimberlystewart

From taking a close look at the images of the ring, our leading diamond expert Zack Stone, has revealed everything you need to know.

The ring features what looks to be a 4ct solitaire diamond which will no doubt be of the highest quality The shape of the stone is oval, and it’s set on a thin gold band, which really accentuates the size of the centre stone

The ring was designed by Anita Ko, a luxury LA jewellery designer.

“Kimberly Stewart’s ring is sensational. It features what looks to be an oval cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The 4ct stone is sat on a thin gold.

Oval stones are the most popular shape for celebrity engagement rings, with Khloe Kardashian reigniting the trend last year. Offering a stunning blend of elegance and brilliance, oval cuts boast elongated proportions that create the illusion of larger size while maintaining excellent sparkle.

A ring like this would have an estimated value of around $170,000 – possibly more thanks to its designer label.”

Zack stone, steven stone, managing director

In December 2021, our team conducted a study which analysed the most popular styles for celebrity engagement rings. It turns out Kimberly is bang on trend, as like 21% of stars who got engaged in the last 12 months, she opted for an oval stone.

Google Trends reported a hugely exponential increase in “oval engagement ring” searches since Kourtney Kardashian said “yes” and photos of her $1 million oval diamond graced the pages of her Instagram so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular shape of the year.

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