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Sofia Richie is engaged and is showing off a $500K diamond ring

As Sofia Richie recently announced her engagement to Elliot Grainge, she’s already been showing off her sensational engagement ring to the world via Instagram.

The daughter of music legend, Lionel Richie, who previously dated Scott Disick, shared snaps of a huge emerald-cut diamond ring – a style that’s becoming increasingly popular with celebrities.


Taking a close look at the ring in question, engagement ring experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything you need to know.

Sofia’s emerald cut diamond looks to be around 5ct and is sat on a yellow gold band.

Nicola Peltz, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Porsha Williams and Bethenny Frankel have all been spotted wearing emerald cut engagement rings.

“Sofia Richie’s engagement ring is a real showstopper. An emerald-cut diamond is a timeless choice, offering both modern and vintage elements. This cut has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Nicola Peltz all wearing this style of ring.

“Sofia’s ring looks to be around 5cts and is no doubt worth around £380,000 ($500,000).”

Maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone jewellers

As emerald cut engagement rings become increasingly popular with celebrities, we took a look at the most valuable pieces from 2021 and 2022 so far.

Paris Hilton takes the top spot with a $2,000,000 sparkler, which we estimate to be a whopping 15cts. Porsha Williams and Bethenny Frankel also sport emerald cut engagement rings worth over $1,000,000.

More recently, in 2022, Maya Jama got engaged and reignited the emerald cut trend, Her 10ct ring received a lot of attention, and is worth an estimated $695,000.

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The biggest celebrity emerald cut rings from 2021 and 2022

Bethenny Frankel$1,000,000emerald10solitaire
Porsha Williams$1,250,000emerald15solitaire
Paris Hilton$2,000,000emerald20solitaire
Tallulah Willis$200,000emerald5solitaire
Maya Jama$695,000emerald10solitaire

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