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Taylor Swift’s purr-fect new ring is the ultimate blend of friendship and style

Taylor Swift seems to be omnipresent at the moment, with her Eras Tour captivating audiences all across the UK.

As you’d expect, it doesn’t take much for the superstar to make the news, and right now, everyone’s buzzing about her new piece of jewellery.

Gifted to her by American fashion model, Gigi Hadid, the ring is the ultimate blend of friendship and style – and even features a reference to Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have meticulously examined the ring, uncovering everything from its rich symbolism to its price tag.

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A gift from her bestie, Taylor’s ring is a bespoke piece from CeCe Jewellery.

At the center of the yellow gold ring is an image of Taylor’s beloved cat, Benjamin Button, surrounded by a pearl border. Each side of the band features a flaming heart: one with her favourite number, 13, and the other with Travis’ jersey number, 87.

‘TTPD’ is engraved on the inside of the band, presumably standing for Taylor’s latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’.

Although the exact price is unavailable due to its bespoke nature, the ring’s basic design matches the Dream Ring on CeCe Jewellery’s website, which retails at £6,850. It’s likely that a commission fee was added on top of this.

“It doesn’t take much for Taylor Swift to make the news and at present, everybody is discussing her latest piece of jewellery – a yellow gold ring from her bestie friend, Gigi Hadid.

Designed by CeCe Jewellery, the bespoke piece features an image of one of Taylor’s cats, surrounded by a frame of hand-set seed pearls. It’s incredibly fitting that Gigi chose a piece with seed pearls, as they’re representative of Victorian fashion – an era that Taylor’s latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Society’, captures with its romanticism and introspective themes, all interpreted in a modern context.

Adding to its symbolic nature, flaming hearts sit on each side of the ring – one featuring the superstars favourite number, 13, and one featuring her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s jersey number, 87.

Though the exact price of the piece is unavailable due to its bespoke nature, its overall design matches the Dreamer Ring on CeCe Jewellery’s website, which retails at £6,850. It’s highly likely that a commission fee was added to create the unique piece, which would have increased the overall cost.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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