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How does Camilla’s engagement ring compare to Princess Diana’s?

Fine jewellery and engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone are continually impressed by The Duchess of Cornwall’s jewellery collection – from pearl drops to Van Cleef and Arpel’s diamond-encrusted jewels, she’s debuted a glittering host of beautiful jewellery across the years.

One item she’s rarely seen without is her engagement ring from Prince Charles – and it’s difficult to miss the enormous diamond sparkling on her wedding finger.

Camilla’s ring is one of the most extensive and most expensive engagement rings in the royal family, but how does it compare to Prince Charles’ previous wife, Princess Diana’s ring?

Our experts took a close look to reveal everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about Camilla’s engagement ring

When the Prince of Wales proposed to Camilla in 2005, he chose a ring with a special connection to the royal family. He picked a five-carat emerald-cut diamond surrounded by three diamond baguettes given to the Queen Mother in 1929. It was passed on from one generation to the Queen Mother, who was first seen wearing it in the 1980’s after receiving it from King George VI.

Globally, the term ‘Camilla’s engagement ring’ receives 28,000 Google searches each year.

“Camilla’s engagement ring is one of the most extensive and expensive in the Royal Family. Featuring 5 carat emerald cut diamond, surrounded by three diamond baguettes, I’d estimate its value to be around £212,000.

The ring also possesses a great amount of sentiment – though it wasn’t her engagement ring, the Queen Mother was seen wearing it in the 1980s. It’s believed to have been gifted to her by King George VI.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

Everything you need to know about Princess Diana’s engagement ring

Probably the most iconic engagement ring in the world, Princess Diana’s incredible sapphire receives over 100,000 Google searches each year.

The 12-carat Ceylon sapphire includes 25 cushion-cut diamonds that are set in an 18-carat white gold band. This alluring ring was a stock purchase (not a custom one) from the crown jeweler Gerard.

Serving as a sentimental reminder of Diana’s lasting legacy within the royal family to this day, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge used the stunning ring to propose to Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge.

“While Prince Harry inherited the ring in 1997 in the wake of Diana’s tragic death, it’s said he offered the cherished ring to his brother, Prince William, so he could propose to Kate Middleton with it.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton became engaged in 2010, the royal engagement ring was once again in the spotlight.

Globally, the sale of blue sapphires increased by around 300 percent at the time, and even now, thanks to Netflix show The Crown, sales of sapphires are surging, with vintage style halo designs being extremely popular.

Due to inflation and its legacy, I’d estimate the value of this ring to be around £390,000 today, however in 10 years’ time it’s likely this ring will be worth over £500,000, thanks to its history, beauty, and priceless legacy.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

How does Camilla’s engagement ring compare to Princess Diana’s?

Our leading jewellery expert, Maxwell Stone, estimates that Camilla’s ring is worth around £212,500 on today’s market, while Princess Diana’s is now worth around £390,000.

After looking at both rings, Maxwell commented: “The style of Camilla’s ring is completely different to Princess Diana’s. Camilla’s three-stone diamond ring is traditional, while Diana’s sapphire ring is bold, and broke royal tradition at the time.

Though Princess Diana’s ring is now full of sentiment, there was none attached to it at the time of purchase as it was a stock purchase from Gerard, whereas Camilla’s ring once belonged to the Queen Mother.

I’d estimate Camilla’s ring to be worth around £212,500 on today’s market, while Princess Diana’s is worth around £390,000 and is likely to increase further due to its history, beauty and priceless legacy.”

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