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Kate Middleton debuted a new pair of earrings – and they resemble another Royal piece

Kate Middleton joined multiple members of the Royal family at Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday, where they attended a poignant service to remember fallen soldiers. 

Dressed in all black, the Princess of Wales accessorised with three red poppies, a silver brooch that she was awarded when she became Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm earlier this year and a pair of diamond and pearl earrings.

Leading diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the earrings, revealing everything there is to know – including which Royal piece they resemble and how much they’re likely to be worth.

“For yesterday’s Remembrance Sunday service, the Princess of Wales debuted a new pair of diamond and pearl earrings. Featuring a pearl in the middle, surrounded by three leaves the top, the earrings certainly caught our attention. A particularly appropriate choice for the poignant service, white jewels such as pearl and diamond pieces are often worn for mourning – a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria. I’d estimate the earrings to be worth approximately £40,000.

If the earrings look familiar to you, that’s because they bare resemblance to one of Queen Elizabeth II’s brooches that features a trio of pearls placed in the centre of a pave set leaf, which has a diamond studded stem. I’d estimate the brooch to be worth £60,000.

Though its origin is unknown, the brooches most notable outing came on the late monarchs 73rd birthday in 1999, when she wore it during a visit to South Korea. Since then, the Princess of Wales has been seen sporting the sparkling brooch on several occasions – including to Westminster Hall, when she attended a service for the late monarchs sad passing last year. 

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