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Princess Anne’s heart shaped brooch and its enigmatic ties to Ireland

From braving the rain in Bournemouth at Hengistbury Head’s Coastwatch Station, to visiting Ordnance Survey National Mapping Agency in Southampton, it’s been a busy week for Princess Anne.

Last night, the Princess Royal attended an Evensong and Dedication service at Westminster Abbey with her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence. The service celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton.

Sporting a long green coat, HRH unveiled a stone memorial made by sculptor, Will Davies – and we couldn’t help but notice her interesting choice of accessory.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the brooch pinned on the Princess Royal’s coat, revealing everything there is to know.

Twitter: @radionewshub
Twitter: @radionewshub

“Crafted in the shape of a love heart, the brooch that adorned Princess Anne’s coat at Westminster Abbey appears to be made of silver and showcases a solitary turquoise gemstone.

A blend of blue and green hues, turquoise embodies an inspiring colour associated with rejuvenating the spirit, revitalising energy levels, and evoking positive thoughts.

While universally recognised as a symbol of love, the heart shape holds a deeper significance beyond romance. It symbolises a mindset embracing all humanity, resonating with the Princess Royal’s encounters with individuals from diverse backgrounds throughout her royal tenure.

Although the brooch remains unidentified, its probable Irish connection is notable. Not only was Ernest Shackleton born in Ireland, but Princess Anne wore the brooch during her visit to the Alexandra Dock at Belfast Harbour in April 2023.

An incredibly modest piece, the brooch is unlikely to carry a high value. I’d estimate it to be worth around £500.”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

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