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Queen Camilla embraces her femininity in France with a symbolic choker and pink coat dress

Queen Camilla and King Charles landed in France this afternoon for their three-day visit, where they’ll receive a ceremonial welcome at Paris’s Arc de Triomphe and attend a state banquet at the Palace of Versailles.

Camilla never fails to dazzle with her outfits and she looked elegant as ever in a light pink coat dress by Fiona Clare. As always, it was her jewellery that caught our eye and she was sporting what’s thought to be her favourite pearl choker.

Fine jewellery and diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the beautiful piece – including its all important price tag.

Camilla’s necklace features four strands of cultured pearls, linked by a round clasp of round Edwardian cut diamonds, with a combined weight of 3 carats.

Cultured pearls are genuine pearls, produced by an oyster or mollusk, but with human assistance. Though cultured pearls are genuine pearls, they’re much less rare than natural pearls, which means that they’re worth less.

Long associated with royalty, pearls symbolise class, luxury and femininity – making the choker a particularly fitting piece for Camilla, who is a powerful and prominent social figure. 

Edwardian jewellery also represents femininity, adding to the symbolic nature of Camilla’s necklace that sat perfectly alongside her pink coat dress.

“It’s no surprise to see that Queen Camilla chose to wear her favourite pearl choker to arrive in France for hers and King Charles’ three-day visit.

The choker features four strands of cultured pearls, linked by a round clasp of diamonds in a circular pattern. Although cultured pearls are real pearls, they are much less rare than natural pearls, which is reflected in the overall value. Long associated with royalty, pearls symbolise class, luxury, and femininity.

We first saw Camilla wear the piece in around 2010 and it soon became one of her most worn pieces. She tends to favour it for daytime events.

I’d estimate the piece to be worth approximately £50,000.”

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