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Queen Camilla wore a diamond from her coronation crown at the first garden party of 2024

As the warmth of summer begins to envelop us, there’s an undeniable sense of anticipation that pervades the air. Yet, it’s the inauguration of garden party season that truly marks the official commencement of this cherished time of year.

On Wednesday 8th May 2024, Buckingham Palace served as the picturesque backdrop for the inaugural garden party of the season, graciously hosted by King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The esteemed gathering saw the royal couple joined by The Princess Royal, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Around 8,000 people were invited to the event – a gesture aimed at expressing gratitude for their invaluable contributions to communities, charitable endeavors, the armed forces, and various other organisations throughout the nation.

When it comes to sartorial elegance for grand affairs, Queen Camilla undoubtedly leads by example and her attire for the occasion certainly didn’t disappoint. Radiating sophistication, she graced the event in a stunning white long-sleeved dress adorned with chic black stripes, complimented flawlessly by a statement-making large white hat.

Though it wasn’t just Her Royal Highnesses hat making a statement and she wore an incredibly valuable brooch that we’ve seen before – both on the late Queen Elizabeth II and during the coronation of King Charles back in May 2023. Have no fear, diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone are here with all of the juicy details.

Queen Camilla chose to be coronated with Queen Mary’s Crown, which was commissioned by Queen Mary for King George V’s 1911 coronation – though she made some changes, which included not featuring the infamous Koh-i-Noor diamond.

A particularly heartwarming change that Her Royal Heighness made was the incorporation of diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II’s personal jewellery collection – all of which were cut from the showstopping Cullinan diamond, which weighs a whopping 3106 carats.

One of these diamonds was the Cullinan V, which Queen Camilla displayed proudly on her blazer as her and King Charles hosted the first Garden Party of 2024

The Cullinan V is a beautiful heart-shaped diamond that weighs 18.8 carats. It was set in platinum by Garrard in 1911, to create a multi-purpose piece, to be used in different items of jewellery. Queen Mary wore it on her crown for the 1911 coronation, and as the centre stone on her famous honeysuckle tiara on many occasions.

However, most of the time, the Cullian V diamond featured in a brooch setting, which was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II, who has worn it frequently over the decades.

From London Fashion Week in February 2018 to her annual Christmas broadcast in 2008, it was one of the late monarch’s most famous pieces.

Our experts estimate the brooch to be worth a staggering £2,000,000 ($2,500,000).

“The Cullinan V is a beautiful heart-shaped diamond that weighs 18.8 carats. It was set in platinum by Garrard in 1911 and Queen Mary wore it on her crown for the 1911 coronation. Most of the time, the Cullian V diamond was featured in a brooch setting, which was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II, who wore it frequently over the decades.

Queen Camilla’s choice to wear the diamond in a brooch setting to the garden party was an incredibly sentimental one. Not only does it have a sweet connection to the late monarch, but it was also one of the diamonds that she had incorporated into her crown for King Charles’ Coronation in May 2023 – during which, it sat in the front cross patee of her crown.

The Cullinan V is a truly remarkable piece, laced with history. Thus, I’d estimate it to be worth £2 million ($2.5 million).”


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