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Queen Silvia’s dazzling tiara that features NO diamonds

The Swedish royals have been busy hosting an official state visit from France, led by President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

The visit came to an end with an extravagant state banquet held at Stockholm’s royal palace, where the glamour was taken to unprecedented heights, resulting in a display of dazzling jewels.

The most interesting piece of the night sat on Queen Silvia’s head as she accessorised her gorgeous mauve dress with the Bernadotte Cameo Tiara.

Rich in both history and value, fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the headpiece, revealing everything there is to know.

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The tiara forms part of a 19th-century parure, which also includes a pair of earrings, a necklace, a brooch, and a bracelet. It was presented to Empress Joséphine by Napoleon following his coronation in December 1804.

The parure links Sweden and France as it was skillfully crafted by the French jeweller Eugène Marie Nitot. This makes it a particularly poignant choice from Queen Silvia.

Made of yellow gold and adorned with pearls, the tiara boasts exquisite pearl floral motifs across its structure, alongside cameos that are mounted on red gold. The cameos depict Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, along with her son Cupid, the god of passion and desire.

Despite lacking any diamonds, our experts believe the tiara to hold a value of approximately £850,000, which showcases its exceptional worth. This high values comes as no surprise as in one of our studies, we found Sweden to have the most expensive tiara collection.

“Queen Silvia’s Cameo Tiara is part of a 19th-century parure that also includes a pair of earrings, a necklace, a brooch and a bracelet – it was Gifted to Empress Joséphine by Napoleon shortly after his coronation in 1804. Linking Sweden and France, the parure was crafted by the French jeweller, Eugène Marie Nitot.

Set in yellow gold and surrounded by pearls and cameos – with pearl floral motifs embellished across the headpiece – the tiara in particular is truly a beautiful piece. Mounted on red gold, the cameos feature Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, and her son, Cupid, god of passion and desire. 

Though it doesn’t hold a single diamond, the tiara is still estimated to be worth around £850,000.”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

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