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Expert reveals what your doodles say about your love life

Whether you’re waiting on hold or in a three-hour work meeting, the chances are if you have a pen in your hand, you’re likely to start doodling.

Perhaps you don’t realise you’re doing it, as you pen wanders around the paper, creating patterns, shapes, words, or maybe even faces.

But what do these mindless doodles really mean? To find out, engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone teamed with handwriting expert and mystic, Inbaal Honigman , who reveals what your scribbles say about your personality and your love life.


What this means: If you find yourself drawing flowers, this indicates you will often seek out positive traits in your partner, rather than focusing on their flaws.

What our expert says: Doodling flowers shows you have a gentle nature and can find beauty in the darkest places. The world is a place of wonder for you.”

“Circular flowers with rounded petals are one of the most positive flower doodles, suggest contentment and happiness. However, pointy leaves or thorns can represent a distrust or defensiveness. This might be the doodle of a scorned lover or those known for pushing others away.

“Perky flowers point to openness and a carefree attitude. Droopy or dying flowers, however, suggest an unwillingness to open up.”

Love hearts

What this means:  If you’re love life is taking the lead right now, don’t be surprised if you subconsciously doodle heart shapes. Doodling is an emotional outlet, so what’s on your mind will often pour onto your paper.

What our expert says: When you draw heart shapes, you’re signalling that you believe in true love and are in search of your soul mate. These shapes suggest romance is a priority for you right now.

However, if you draw hearts pierced with an arrow, this often represents the pain of love, including longing or unrequited love.”

Boxes or squares

What this means: If you’re highly organised, you may well fit into this box, as drawing squares suggests that you want control of a situation and could be feeling unsettled with a current situation in your love life.

Progressing from a square to a cube or box means that you’re likely to be very efficient and can deal with difficult situations easily.

What our experts says: “Drawing boxes shows you are organised and like to keep things tidy – in real life and in your mind. You’re a critical, analytical thinker and struggle to adapt to spontaneous situations.”

Circles or spirals

Circles show that you like to keep things secure and safe. Especially circles around your own name. If you doodle your signature and have a circle or an elliptic shape around it, you’re signalling a need for privacy.

What our expert says: People who draw circles tend to be protective, with a desire to keep those around them safe. Drawing circles around your name suggests you are a private person, and don’t like people to know your business.

“Spirals, which can be deemed similar to circles, suggest you are longing to find meaning in life, but are struggling to find it right now.”


If you draw faces, you are typically an outgoing person who loves go out on dates. You love to meet new people and genuinely take interest in their lives. However, it’s important to check the expressions – happy faces convey contentment, whereas sad eyes and mouths suggest loneliness and longing for new relations.

What our expert says: “Faces are very personal and often reflect how a person is feeling at the time of doodling. A happy face means generally a happy person. If you draw angry faces — it doesn’t mean you display anger, but you could be feeling it unconsciously.

“As for eyes, they are windows to your soul. Notice the shape of the eyes, large round eyes suggest openness and trust, whereas small eyes convey the opposite.”

Intricate patterns

Intricate patterns show you love quirky personalities and look for these traits in a romantic in partner. You believe you are unique, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself in a relationship.

What our expert says: “Fancy, intricate doodles show confidence. You believe you are a unique individual who is unlike anyone else. You see the world differently and take pleasure from small oddities.”

Your own name

To doodle your own name can often mean you have a desire to be noticed and are seeking attention from romantic partners. The larger you write your name is a signal to how much immediate attention you demand. If you write your name repeatedly in a small font, you tend to be a quiet person, but still command attention without making a lot of noise.

It can also indicate that at the time, you are thinking about your needs, and putting yourself ahead of those around you.

What our expert says: “If you doodle your own name, you are focused on yourself. You want to explore your own personality, and perhaps even re-invent yourself. It’s a key indicator that you are putting your needs above anything else in that current moment.”

Somebody else’s name

Doodling someone else’s name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts — perhaps romantically or because they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with. These are often the people who preoccupy your mind the most and usually play a big part in your life.

What our expert says: Other people’s names are often people you’d like to emulate or are romantically connected to. At the time of the doodle, they are your priority, and you are focusing solely on a situation that involves them.”

If your love life is in a great place and you’re doodling lots of love hearts, why not take a look at our engagement rings? Perhaps you’ll be doodling wedding bells next!

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