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A look inside Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s ring collection worth over £1.5M

After Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s incredible £3,000,000 wedding swept the world away earlier this month, we couldn’t help but notice the couple are both sporting new diamond rings.

Brooklyn has been spotted on Instagram wearing a new stunning diamond wedding band, while it seems his wife has made a huge upgrade to her engagement ring, after showing off a completely new design.

So what do we know about these rings? Our jewellery experts at Steven Stone took a close look at the collection of jewels to reveal everything you need to know.

Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham certainly splashed out when he proposed to Nicola Peltz – as the ring he gave her is reportedly worth over £350,000. 

The couple revealed the sparkler when they confirmed their engagement in July 2020 with an adorable Instagram photo.

Image: Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham

 Nicola Peltz’s original engagement ring has an elegant and classic design with an emerald-cut diamond solitaire set on a thin platinum or white gold band.

The centre stone looks to be around 5cts and appears colourless. With an elegant emerald cut, this usually suggests that the diamond is extremely high quality, as emerald cuts are more likely to reveal imperfections, and here we see minimal.

Due to the size of the diamond and the quality of the stone, this stunning engagement ring could be worth more than £350,000.

Maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

However, last week, the new bride shared a photo which saw her wearing a completely different ring on her wedding finger, causing fans to speculate that she’s upgraded her original ring.

While it was incredibly difficult to see the ring close up from the original photographs shared by Nicola, she more recently wore the same ring at the Met Gala where were able to get a much better look.

“We’ve been trying to get a close look at Nicola Peltz’s upgraded engagement ring for a while now, so when we saw these new images from the Met Gala we were delighted to see the incredible jewel. From looking at the images it features a 10ct oval diamond with trillion side stones on a white gold or platinum band. It is likely to be worth around £1,000,000.

“She also has a diamond wedding band to match Brooklyn’s, which is worth around £50,000.”

Maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

Brooklyn Beckham

If you thought Nicola Peltz was the only one showing off incredible jewels, think again, as hubby, Brooklyn Beckham, also has a show-stopping ring on his finger.

Image: Instagram/@brooklynpeltzbeckham

In a recent Instagram video which saw him cooking up a homemade Poke bowl, fans got a glimpse at the newlywed’s hands and spotted both his engagement band and new sparkling wedding ring.

Brooklyn Beckham is a trend-setter known for having a unique, fashion-forward sense of style, so it’s no surprise he’s showing off a one of a kind wedding band. From looking at the ring, it features a full set of emerald cut stones which could have been deliberate considering his wife, Nicole, also has an emerald cut engagement ring. The diamonds look to be around 0.4ct each, making this a £50,000 ring at least.

His engagement band is simple and understated, complimenting his new piece of bling perfectly. Our experts estimate this piece is probably worth around £10,000.

“As men’s engagement rings continue to grow in popularity, it’s likely we’ll also see more men experimenting with their wedding ring styles, which are traditionally a plain gold or platinum band.

“Celebrities like Brooklyn Beckham, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber, have had a huge influence on male jewellery trends in the last 12 months. Searches for ‘men’s pearl necklace’ soared when Harry Styles famously wore one last year and Google searches for the term ‘men’s engagement ring’ increased by 519% when Tiffany launched their collection and grasped worldwide attention.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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