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Celebrities with pink engagement rings

As we raise our metaphorical Burn Books to commemorate the release of ‘Mean Girls’, we find ourselves immersed in a celebration that transcends the silver screen. Beyond the pink-clad antics and memorable catchphrases, our journey takes an elegant detour into the world of pink gemstones.

Pink gemstones, with their enchanting hues, have become a symbol of romance and elegance, captivating the hearts of celebrities who choose them for their engagement rings.

Fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have unveiled a comprehensive guide, laying bare the intricacies of pink gemstones, while also curating an exclusive list that unveils the dazzling world of celebrities adorned with pink engagement rings – because pink isn’t just for Wednesday’s…

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What does a pink diamond symbolise?

Throughout history, the colour pink has been said to represent femininity, love and romance.

Pink diamonds symbolize passion and power. They also represent strength and confidence, which links with their durability.

There’s also an element of mystery with pink diamonds as their colour isn’t caused by chemical impurities – the exact reason that pink diamonds are naturally created is uncertain.

Are pink diamonds rare/expensive?

Found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world, pink diamonds are one of the rarest coloured diamonds that exist.

Because of their rarity, pink diamonds can be very expensive – the price can be much more than the price of a traditional white diamond. Typical white diamonds are usually pricier the more they lack colour, but with pink diamonds, the more vivid the colour, the more expensive the stone usually is.

Other pink options

If you have an affinity for the enchanting allure of pink, the rarity and cost of pink diamonds might pose a challenge. Fortunately, there exists a myriad of alternative pink gemstones that can be equally captivating options for your engagement ring.

Pink Sapphires: The rarity of naturally occurring pink sapphires contributes to their elevated price tag, as their vibrant and alluring pink shades are not as commonly found in nature. Though they’re generally priced lower than diamonds per carat.

Morganite: Featuring delicate peach tones, morganite exudes a distinct sense of elegance and luxury. The subtle hues of morganite lend it a romantic allure, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a vintage-inspired look. A variety of the mineral beryl, it’s significantly more affordable than pink diamonds.

Pink Topaz: Though one of the most beautiful and sought-after gemstones on the market today, pink topaz’s aren’t an expensive stone. Recognised as the stone of joy, the radiant gem adds a touch of positivity and delight to those who choose to adorn themselves with it.

Pink Tourmaline: The birthstone for October, tourmaline comes in a variety of colours and is linked to emotions and the heart chakra. The stone signifies love and emotional healing. Pink tourmaline represents love and is linked to compassion and tenderness.

Celebrities with pink engagement rings

The popularity of pink engagement rings is said to have exploded when Jennifer Lopez received one from Ben Affleck in 2002. Though universally recognised as a colour symbolizing love and romance, it’s easy to see why the crowds followed.

Check out our list of other celebrities who ditched clear diamonds in favour of their pink counterparts!

Blake Lively

Value: £1.6 million ($2 million)

Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, Blake Lively’s engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds is nothing short of a masterpiece. Ryan’s choice in collaborating with Lorraine, a prominent figure in Hollywood’s jewellery scene, reflects not only his good judgment but also a keen appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

At its heart, the ring boasts an oval cut pink stone in a solitaire setting. Weighing a whopping 12 carats, the stone’s flawless in clarity. The ring has a rose gold pave band that’s covered with diamonds – if it didn’t dazzle enough, the couple have since added another diamond-studded band as Blake Lively’s wedding ring. 

According to our experts, the ring is worth around $2 million, solidifying its status as an extraordinary and unique piece of artistry.

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Lily Collins

Value: £65,000

Charlie McDowell popped the question to Lily Collins in September 2020 with an elegant rose-cut diamond engagement ring, weighing between 2 and 3 carats.

The diamond is set in a distinctive bezel setting, an unconventional yet charming choice for an engagement ring. The diamond’s delightful ‘light pink’ hue is exceptionally rare, symbolizing femininity, love, and romance, adding an extra layer of sentiment to the ring.

What makes Lily’s ring particularly special is that Charlie designed it with the assistance of Irene Neuwirth Jewellery. This unique collaboration adds a personal touch to the already romantic gesture.

Our experts estimate the dazzling ring to be worth over £65,000 ($90,000).

Instagram: @lilyjcollins
Instagram: @lilyjcollins

Anna Kournikova

Value: £2 million

Anna Kournikova shines as a tennis sensation, yet her exceptional skill with a racket is nearly eclipsed by the stunning beauty of her engagement ring.

When Enrique Iglesias proposed, he gifted Anna an 11ct natural pink pear-cut diamond, sourced from the largest mine in Argyle, Western Australia. This exquisite stone is elegantly positioned between two trillion diamonds.

Anna’s ring, a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece, is estimated to be worth $2.5 million (£2 million).

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Victoria Beckham

Value: £2.5 million

Since their engagement in 1998, Victoria Beckham is said to have worn several different engagement rings from her husband, David. At least two of them are said to have a pink diamond centre stone.

While many of us celebrate our 30th birthdays with a bottle of bubbly, Victoria was gifted a £2.5 million ring by David. The stunning ring showcases a pink champagne diamond in a halo setting. Initially valued at £1 million, its current worth has significantly increased over time.

According to our experts, it’s more than doubled in value, due to the Australian Argyle mine closing down, which was the main source of pink diamonds. 

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Mariah Carey

Value: £1.8 million ($2.4 million)

When Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey, he did so on the rooftop of her New York City high rise apartment building with a 17-carat pink and white diamond ring from Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co.

Our experts estimate that the head-turning engagement ring holds a value of £1,800,000 ($2,400,000) and boasts a 10.02 emerald cut, with two smaller diamonds flanking it, and white diamonds encrusted down the sides. 

Instagram: @toofabnews

Lady Gaga

Value: £300,000

In 2018, during her engagement to Christian Carino, Lady Gaga adorned herself with a lovely pink engagement ring.

The ring boasted a central pink sapphire gemstone, encircled by diamonds arranged in a floral pattern. Weighing between 6 and 7 carats, the ring is estimated to be valued at over £300,000.

Twitter: @born_luxe
Twitter: @ladygaganownet

Jennifer Lopez

Value:  £2,000,000 ($2,800,000)

When Ben Affleck and J-Lo first revealed their relationship in 2022, the world avidly observed their every move – and they didn’t keep fans waiting, swiftly announcing their engagement later that same year.

Displaying the impressive rock during an interview with Diane Sawyer, J-Lo remarked, “It’s the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen,” and she’s absolutely correct. The engagement ring is an enormous 6.10 carat radiant cut, crafted by celebrity jeweler Harry Winston, reportedly costing Ben Affleck a staggering £855,000 ($1.2 million) at that time.

However, with the surge in value of pink diamonds since then, J-Lo’s ring has appreciated significantly. According to our experts, its current value is estimated to be more than double the original price – making the ring worth £2,000,000 ($2.8 million).

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