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Why is Blake Lively’s engagement ring one of the world’s most valuable?

Blake Lively is a California girl and actress who is always making a statement on the big screen. The Hollywood superstar blows fans away with her free-spirit, excellent fashion sense, and her drop-dead gorgeous engagement ring.

With a huge pink diamond on her finger, it’s no surprise that Blake Lively, the Gossip Girl fashionista, sparked some significant trends with her ring.

Given that the couple never made any formal announcements about their engagement, the star didn’t take to social media to share close ups of her ring when Ryan Reynolds popped the question, however thankfully, the ring is so impressive, it’s difficult to ignore.

To celebrate the couple’s wedding anniversary on 9th September 2023, engagement ring experts at Steven Stone have taken another look at the sparkler.

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According to an interview with British Vogue, Blake revealed that her engagement ring from Ryan is her most precious gift from him – and she surprisingly didn’t help pick it out! The ring is still as stunning today as it was when Ryan proposed in 2012 — and Blake’s seldom seen without it on her finger.

Lorraine Schwartz – a jeweller and friend of Ryan’s – designed the ring and it’s a superb example of her artistry. Ryan wasn’t just relying on his good judgement, as Lorraine is a well-known jeweller – particularly on the Hollywood circle. The pair worked on the design together, and the outcome was no doubt a masterpiece.

To begin, the centerpiece of the ring is an oval cut pink stone in a solitaire setting. The stone weighs a whopping 12 carats and is flawless in clarity, but believe it or not, that’s not even the most remarkable aspect of the ring.

The most notable feature is that it is a very light blush-colored diamond. Pink diamonds – such as the one used in Blake’s setting – are among the purest colored diamonds in the world, making her ring even more unique. According to our experts, the ring is worth around $2 million.

In December 2020, the world’s main source of pink diamonds, the Argyle mine in Australia, closed down, meaning that pink diamonds subsequently soared in value. Just like Jennifer Lopez, who also owns a pink diamond, the ring on Blake Lively’s finger is likely to be worth a whole lot more in years to come.

Instagram: @enamelle
Instagram: @enamelle

Blake’s engagement ring appears to have two different bands, but her wedding band has been engineered to sit in this position alongside her engagement ring. The designer created this wedfit design to complete the traditional appearance.

The rare pink diamond is placed on an extremely thin diamond ring, which makes the diamond appear even more prominent and adds just a hint of shine. From the sheer size of the rock to the glitter of the rare pink diamond, Blake’s ring dazzles in every aspect.

While Blake Lively’s engagement ring was created over a decade ago, the slim band trend is still going strong – with Kourtney Kardashian being another prolific celebrity that’s recreated the style.

“Designed by Lorraine Schwartz and bestowed to her by husband, Ryan Reynolds, the main focus of Blake Lively’s rose gold engagement ring is an oval cut pink stone in a solitaire setting. The stone weighs a whopping 12 carats and is flawless in clarity. 

Setting off a trend for future brides, the ring has a rose gold pave band that’s covered with diamonds – if that wasn’t didn’t dazzling enough, the couple have since added another diamond-studded band as Blake’s wedding ring. 

Pink diamonds – such as the one used in Blake’s setting – are among the purest colored diamonds in the world, making her ring even more unique and incredibly value. I’d estimate it to be worth around $2 million.”

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