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Delta Goodrem’s engagement ring marks the beginning of her lifelong journey with Matthew Copley

A huge congratulations are in order for Delta Goodrem and Matthew Copley, who have just announced their engagement!

Delta and Matthew have been together for almost six years, though they’ve kept their relationship fairly under wraps. Until now!

The Australian actress and singer has taken to Instagram to announce the happy news, alongside a picturesque photo of the couple posing in front of a sunset and a video that shows off her gorgeous engagement ring. 

There’s nothing that engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone love more than a celebrity engagement, and we couldn’t wait to take a closer at the sparkler on Delta’s finger.

Instagram: @deltagoodrem
Instagram: @deltagoodrem

Matthew proposed to Delta with a timeless engagement ring that features a 3ct round cut diamond, sat on a pave diamond band – further accentuating the rings sparkle.

The most iconic and popular of all diamond shapes, round cut diamonds are believed to signal everlasting love and eternity. Adding to their sentimentality, they’re also traditionally the first diamond that’s given as a symbol of commitment.

The diamond is sat in a solitaire setting, which is a timeless choice for those in search of a style that will always be on trend. An excellent match for any diamond shape due to their classic design and secure support, it’s no surprise that solitaire settings are incredibly popular with celebrities.

In our study, we found that 47% of celebrities received engagement rings in the minimalistic setting last year – including Vick Hope, who received an emerald cut diamond in a solitaire setting from Calvin Harris.

“Delta’s engagement ring from Matthew features what appears to be a 3ct round cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The most popular choice for engagement rings, round cut diamonds are said to symbolise eternal love and everlasting commitment. 

Round cut diamonds and solitaire settings are both classic and timeless choices for those in search of a style that will always be on trend. Solitaire settings are particularly popular with celebrities, with 47% of celebrities having received engagement rings in the minimalistic setting last year.

The timeless diamond is sat on a pave diamond band, which means that the shank of the ring is lined with small diamond that give it that extra element of radiance.

Assuming that the diamond is natural, I’d estimate Delta’s ring to be worth $80,000 (£65,000).”

zack stone, leading diamond expert, steven stone

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