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Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace features 42 engagement rings

Drake has been remembering his past relationships by creating a diamond necklace in tribute to all of the women he thought about proposing to but never did.

The grammy award winning rapper debuted the piece at Lil Baby’s birthday concert in Atlanta, which took place at State Farm Arena last Saturday.

Made up of 42 engagement ring stones, the stunning piece of jewellery was made by New York based celebrity jewellery maker, Alex Moss and features an impressive 351.38 carats worth of diamonds.

Fine jewellery and engagement ring experts Steven Stone couldn’t wait to take a closer look at the magnificent piece and have revealed everything you need to know – including how much it could be worth.

Instagram: @meltmuseum
Instagram: @meltmuseum
Instagram: @meltmuseum

Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace is strikingly beautiful piece of jewellery made up of 42 engagement ring stones – one for each time that he thought about proposing, but ultimately decided against it. Set in 18k white gold, the stones total a whopping 351.38 carats worth of diamonds.

New York based celebrity jewellery maker, Alex Moss spent 14 months constructing the piece, that was handmade using the eagle claw technique – a prong setting that gets its name due its sharpness being likened to the talons of an eagle’s claw.

The necklace features multiple diamond shapes – including round, emerald, princess and pear. A particularly eye catching pear cut diamond is central to the intricate piece.

Our experts estimate the piece to be worth $12.5 million.

“Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace is a magnificent piece of jewellery and probably the most impressive we’ve seen since Kendrick Lamar wore his diamond crown of thorns headpiece during his Glastonbury headline set back in June.

Made up of 42 diamonds from engagement rings Drake thought about giving to women but ultimately decided against, the necklace totals 351.38 carats and features multiple diamond shapes – including round, emerald, princess cuts. 

Central to the intricate piece is a pear cut diamond. Pear cut diamonds are a timeless, vintage cut that represent an emotional bond or connection – suggesting that the rapper is keen to pay homage to his failed relationships with the piece, rather than spite them.

It’s difficult to estimate a striking piece like this, particularly without information about the quality, but it looks to be worth approximately $12.5 million.”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

This isn’t the first impressive piece of jewellery that we’ve seen from a male celebrity this year – back in June, Kendrick Lamar closed the Pyramid Stage of Glastonbury Festival with a powerful set that saw him sport a diamond-encrusted crown of thorns that features 8,000 cobblestone micro pave diamonds.

Whilst the reasoning behind Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace is sentimental, the reasoning behind Kendrick’s crown is incredibly poignant. The rapper referenced the piece during his set, stating that imperfection is beautiful and that he wears it as a reminder. Seen as a badge of sin, a crown of thorns is one of the most widely recognised symbols of religious iconography.

Totalling over 137 carats, our experts estimated the crown’s weight to be around 200g and value to be $200,000.

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