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Gemma Collins’ £100k engagement ring – and why she’ll rarely wear it

 Bride-to-be, Gemma Collins has revealed her plans for her big day – and she’s definitely celebrating in true Gemma style.

After fourteen years together, Rami Hawash proposed to the television personality during their holiday in the Maldives.

Opening up to OK Magazine in a recent Instagram reel shared by the publication, Gemma talks about her huge engagement party that will take place in July – and FINALLY shows off her engagement ring.

Leading diamond experts at Steven Stone have taken a close look at the sparkler, revealing everything you need to know – from its value, to why Gemma will rarely wear it.

Everything we know about Gemma’s engagement ring

We can’t be the only ones who have been patiently awaiting a glimpse of Gemma Collins’ engagement ring since she announced her engagement to Rami Hawash earlier this year.

Gemma’s dazzling ring features a 3.5 carat oval cut diamond set in a solitaire style, sat atop a platinum band.

In 2023, oval cuts were victorious as the most popular shape of stone for a celebrity engagement ring. In our study, we could that 34% of celebrities opted for the traditional cut – including Barbara Palvin, who received a 3 carat oval cut diamond from from former Disney star, Dylan Sprouse.

Boasting a single stone, solitaire settings exude simplicity and elegance, allowing a ring centre piece to truly shine. With 34% of celebrities having chosen the classic style for their engagement ring in 2023, it’s safe to say that solitaire settings have surged in popularity among celebrities in recent years.

Is it true that Gemma won’t be wearing her engagement ring?

Gemma recently disclosed that though she adores her engagement ring from Rami, she won’t be wearing it every day.

Instead, she plans on getting a replica made and bringing the original out for special occasions. Though unfortunate that she won’t get to flaunt it every day, this makes sense as it’s a lot easier than people think it is to damage your engagement ring.

We don’t blame her – if we had a ring with an estimated value of £100,000 ($125,000), we’d be too scared to wear it too!

“We’ve been eager to see a close up of Gemma Collins’ engagement ring since she announced her engagement to Rami Hawash earlier this year.

Gemma’s sparkler boasts a 3.5 carat oval cut diamond in a solitaire setting, sat on a platinum band. The television personality is in good company as 34% of celebrities chose oval cut stones for their engagement rings in 2023 – including Barbara Palvin and Hailie Jade Mathers.

Celebrities are opting for more traditional styles lately with solitaire settings being the most popular overall. Referring to jewellery set with a single diamond, it’s simplistic, fuss-free and really make a gemstone or diamond stand out.

Though Gemma has disclosed that she adores her ring – and who wouldn’t – she has revealed that she won’t be wearing it every day. This is likely to be due to the risk of it getting damaged or it’s high value. After a close look at the sparkler, I’d estimate it to be worth up to as much as £100,000 ($125,000).”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

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