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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt unveiled coordinated brilliance at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards

In the wake of the glitzy Golden Globes ceremony last week, Hollywood’s rumour mill went into overdrive as whispers of potential turbulence in John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s relationship circulated following speculation from lip readers speculating over footage of the couple chatting on the red carpet while posing for pictures.

The power couple showed a dazzling display of unity last night at the Critics Choice Awards, where they both wore Tiffany & Co jewellery, designed by Jean Schlumberger. 

The Critics Choice Awards, an annual celebration of excellence in film and television, showcases the industry’s brightest stars and outstanding productions. The star-studded event, known for its ability to predict the trajectory of the upcoming award season, brought together a constellation of talent under one roof.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a look at the pieces and revealed everything there is to know…

Twitter: @badpostblunt
Twitter: @badpostblunt

John adorned his blazer with the exquisite ‘Paris Flames’ brooch, a dazzling piece crafted from 18k yellow gold and platinum. Boasting a total carat weight of 1.32, the opulent accessory showcases the brilliance of round-cut diamonds, with an array of them intricately mirroring the dance of a blazing flame.

With its unparalleled craftsmanship and allure, this remarkable brooch is available for retail at £31,300 ($39,800).

Emily stunned with the exquisite ‘Sea Fan’ earrings. Crafted from a combination of 18k yellow gold and platinum, they radiate both elegance and style. Noteworthy for their celebrity allure, these same earrings have also graced the ears of Adele and Lady Gaga – Adele at the 2023 Grammy Awards and Lady Gaga at the ‘House of Gucci’ premiere.

According to our experts, the estimated value of these stunning accessories is substantial, reaching up to an impressive £118,000 ($150,000).

“In a dazzling display of unity at the Critics Choice Awards, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt graced the red carpet adorned in the timeless elegance of Tiffany & Co. jewellery, designed by the visionary Jean Schlumberger.

A fiery dance of 18k yellow gold and platinum, embellished with round brilliant diamonds, John’s ‘Paris Flames’ brooch mirrors the movements of a blazing flame – a masterpiece that retails at £31,300 ($39,800). Meanwhile, Emily’s choice of the ‘Sea Fan’ earrings add an estimate of up to £118,000 ($150,000) worth of sophistication to her ensemble. Crafted from 18k yellow gold and platinum, the earrings have been previously donned by Adele and Lady Gaga.

Together, John and Emily illuminated the night not just as a power couple but as a testament to the harmonious blend of love and luxury.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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