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Selena Gomez just showed off nearly £700k worth of diamonds on her Instagram

Aired live from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, the 81st Golden Globe Awards celebrated outstanding achievements in film and American television productions of 2023 – and the captivating red carpet looks of this year held our undivided attention.

One of our favourite looks came from Selena Gomez, who looked radiant as ever in a party-red red dress from Giorgio Armani. As always, Selena elevated her fashion statement by pairing her outfit with some exquisite jewellery, adding a touch of luxury to her impeccable style.

 The actress has taken to Instagram to share a series of photos from the star studded event – including one of her hands and wrists, which were decorated with an eye catching diamond watch, as well as rings and bracelets of all shapes and sizes.

Fine jewellery and diamond specialists at Steven Stone have taken a look at the Bulgari pieces and revealed how much they’re worth. Spoiler alert – they’re not cheap!

Instagram: @selenagomez
Instagram: @selenagomez
Instagram: @selenagomez

Serpenti Watch

Value: £61,000 ($78,000)

Bulgari captures the power of seduction in the Serpenti jewellery watch that Selena is wearing. Made of 18kt white gold, it’s set with brilliant cut diamonds.

This particular time piece is part of Bulgari’s High End Jewellery collection – thus, the price isn’t available on their website. Though after a bit of digging, we found it retailing at $78,000 elsewhere.

Fiorever Bracelet

Value: £70,000 ($89,000)

The chunkier of the two bracelets on Selena’s wrist is from Bulgari’s Fiorever collection, which draws inspiration from the alluring four-petal flower cherished by the Romans as a symbol of happiness and joy.

Sparkling with an eternal glow, the 18kt white gold bracelet features a selection of round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé diamonds.

It retails on the Bulgari website at £70,000.

Fiorever Triple Bracelet

Value: £63,000 ($80,000)

Wrapping the wrist in modern elegance, Selena’s second bracelet is also from Bulgari’s Fiorever collection. Glistening with the timeless radiance of its diamond flower, the dazzling piece is completed by a delicate petal. Crafted in 18 kt white gold, it features a central diamond (0.30 ct) and pavé diamonds (3.08 ct).

Though it features in the imagery on Bulgari’s website, there’s no available price. I’d estimate it to be worth around $80,000 (£63,000).

Fiorever Ring (Left Hand, Middle Finger)

Value: £11,200 ($14,250)

Blooming amongst the marvels of the Eternal City, the floral ring on the middle finger of Selena’s left hand is from Bulgari’s Fiorever collection. The 18kt white gold ring is set with a central round brilliant-cut diamond and pavé diamonds.

It retails on the Bulgari website at £11,200.

Fiorever Ring (Left Hand, Index Finger)

Value: £18,600 ($23,650)

Reimagining the multifaceted beauty of nature, Bulgari’s precious floral icon sparkles eternally with four white gold and diamond petals embracing a central diamond. Crafted in 18 kt white gold, the ring boasts a central diamond and pavé diamonds.

It retails on the Bulgaru website at £18,600.

Serpenti Viper Ring (Left Hand, Middle Finger)

Value: £2,160 ($2,750)

A cutting-edge rendition of Bulgari’s emblem of continual change and relentless evolution, their 18kt white gold Serpenti Viper ring captivates with the bold simplicity and smooth sensuality of its mesmerizing design. Fusing sinuous forms with geometric elegance, it elegantly wraps around the finger, showcasing the essential beauty of its distinctive scales

It retails on the Bulgari website at £2,160 – making it the least valuable of the jewellery worn by Selena at this years Golden Globes.

Diamond Ring (Right Hand, Middle Finger)

Value: £472,200 ($600,000)

On the middle finger of her right hand, Selena is flaunting a huge diamond ring from Bulgari that appears to feature a 5-6 carat diamond in a halo setting.

The piece is absent from the luxury fashion houses website but based on its sizeable centre stone, I’d estimate it to be worth around $600,000 (£472,200).

“Selena Gomez is known for elevating her fashion statements by pairing her outfit with some exquisite jewellery, adding a touch of luxury to her impeccable style – and she didn’t disappoint at this years Golden Globes.

Selena was draped in jewellery from Bulgari, with the most eye catching piece being her dazzling watch. Made of 18kt white gold, the timepiece is set with brilliant cut diamonds and though a price isn’t available on the luxury fashion houses website, it retails elsewhere at £61,000.

On Selena’s right wrist, she’s sporting two 18k white gold bracelets from the Fiorever collection. Retailing at £70k, the chunkier of the two features round brilliant cut diamonds and pave diamonds. Glistening with the timeless radiance of a diamond flower and delicate petal, I’d estimate the second bracelet to be worth around £63k.

Selena completed her look with three diamond rings – an 18k white gold viper ring from Bulgari’s Serpenti collection that retails at just over £2k and two floral rings from the Fiorever collection that boast a collective value of £29,800.

In total, Selena was likely to be wearing just under £700,000 worth of diamond jewellery at this years Golden Globes.”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

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