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2023 Celebrity Engagement Trend Report

2023 has been a huge year for celebrity engagements. Some of the world’s biggest stars showed off their huge – and in some cases, unique – rings, leaving fans gasping for air when they took a glimpse of their sparklers.

From Vanessa Hudgens and Rebel Wilson to Millie Bobby Brown and Zooey Deschanel, we’ve tallied up 30 celebrity engagements from the UK and US.

To find out more about this year’s celebrity engagement rings, jewellery experts at Steven Stone have analysed each and every ring – from the stone, shape, and setting to cost, carat, and even the date of the proposals.

As a result, we can officially reveal the biggest engagement ring trends of 2023.

Logan Paul & Nina Adgal
Millie Bobby-Brown & Bon Jovi Son

Bella Thorne & Mark Emms
Molly-Mae Hague & Tommy Fury
Kate Bosworth & Justin Long
Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend

While precious gemstones such as sapphires and emeralds are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings, 2023 has seen diamonds reign once more, with a staggering 93% of celebrities showing off classic sparklers.

Barbara Palvin received a 3 carat oval cut diamond from former Disney star Dylan Sprouse, while Zoe Kravitz impressed us all with a 7 carat cushion cut diamond with a black button back from Channing Tatum.

‘Stranger Things’ star Mille Bobby Brown also joined the diamond club when she stunned fans with her 4 carat round cut diamond from Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jake Bongiovi.

Solitaire remains to be the most popular setting

Celebrities are opting for more traditional styles this year, with solitaire settings being the most popular overall.

This popular term refers to jewellery set with a single diamond. It’s simplistic, fuss-free and really make a gemstone or diamond stand out.

53% of celebrities received rings on a solitaire setting – including Delta Goodrem, who stunned us with her round cut diamond engagement ring from Matthew Copley back in September.

Does size really matter?

Our jewellery experts analysed each and every one of the engagement rings in our study, revealing that the average celebrity ring is 5 carats in total. To put this into perspective, in the UK, the average engagement ring is 1 carat – meaning that celebrities are of course splashing out on their stones.

The biggest bling award goes to Lauren Sanchez, who is currently rocking a 20ct round cut diamond ring from Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos.

Bella Thorne came in second place with her three stone engagement ring from Mark Emms, which boasts 10 carat emerald cut centre stone, flanked by diamond baguettes.

Some celebrities opted for more modest rings, however, including Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Mathers, who sports a 2 carat oval cut diamond engagement ring. As well as Naomi Watts, who received a 2.5 carat rock from Billy Crudup.

Money makes the world go round…

Not only did our experts analyse the carats of each ring, they also took a close look at the valuations. After pricing up all this year’s celebrity pieces – which came to a jaw dropping £5,897,000 – we can determine that the average cost of an A-List engagement ring in 2023 is £289,900.

1.Lauren Sanchez£2,800,000
2.Bella Thorne£800,000
3.Kate Bosworth£645,000
4.Molly Mae-Hague£600,000
5.Ashley Benson£485,000

You better shape up

Oval cuts remain victorious as the most popular shape of the year.

From our study, 34% of celebrities chose oval cut engagement rings.

Each diamond shape has unique attributes that contribute to its sparkle and appeals to different people, so it’s no surprise that emerald cuts and round cuts are both favoured – with 20% of celebrities opting for each.

Platinum shines bright

White Gold and Platinum are the winners, with 40% of celebrities choosing one of the metals for their engagement ring band. One being Ramona Agrum, who got engaged to Rebel Wilson in February – the Australian actress proposed with a 2.55 carat round cut diamond in a six prong setting, sat on a platinum band.

In second place was pave, which 30% of celebrities opted for – including Tia Blanco, who received a three stone engagement ring with a platinum band, when she said “yes” to Brody Jenner over the Summer. A versatile setting, pave bands further accentuate the sparkle of your centre diamond.

The most popular month to propose

While we know the ring is important, we also explored the most popular time of year for celebrity proposals. After analysing the dates, we can reveal that there’s a tie for the month that celebrities are most likely to make their huge announcement.

Overall, 40% of this year’s celebrity proposals took place in February, April or September.  

According to our data, the least popular month is August, which saw just one celebrity proposal.

SpringMarch, April & May34%
SummerJune, July & August23%
WinterDecember, January & February23%
AutumnSeptember, October & November20%

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Methodology: To gather this data, we analysed 30 celebrity engagement rings from January to November 2023. Our expert jewellers highlighted the cost, carat, stone, shape, and setting of each ring. We then used reputable news sources to gather information on the month and date of the proposals and analyse the most popular time to propose.

Disclaimer: All images of jewellery featured in this report have been sourced exclusively from Steven Stone. Additionally, all celebrity images used have been obtained from their respective official Instagram accounts. These images have been used solely for illustrative and informational purposes. Any unintentional infringement is entirely unintentional and will be promptly addressed upon notification.

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