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Madonna is wearing a £10k diamond headpiece on tour

Madonna is renowned for her boundary-pushing and trendsetting tour outfits, with her on-stage presence often sparkling with diamond-studded accessories.

The Queen of Pop’s current tour kicked off last month and sees her play shows across Europe, before she embarks on the North American leg on 13th December.

Throughout her career, Madonna has frequently adorned herself with diamond jewellery and ‘The Celebration Tour’ sees her wear a spectacular headpiece onstage.

Leading diamond experts at Steven Stone couldn’t wait to take a closer look and have revealed everything there is to know.

According to Eyob Yohannes, Madonna’s stylist, the reasoning for this particular piece harks back to the iconography of the Madonna and Child and religious symbolism, which is a big part of Madonna’s style.

The halo headpiece was created by Malakai, who also worked on Madonna’s accessories for the 2018 Met Gala.

The Berlin based designer fashioned the Queen of Pop’s headpiece with sterling silver – a light material that allows her to freely move around the stage. Sterling silver is more precious than regular silver and catches more light.

The halo is is adorned with 25 large Swarovski crystals and paved with micro-crystals. Crystals have a striking resemblance to diamonds, though they’re much less precious – diamonds also have much better-reflecting properties.

Taking into account the use of sterling silver – which is an affordable precious metal – and the fact that Malakai used crystals rather than diamonds, our experts estimate the piece to be worth £10,000. The pieces value would be considerably different if it features diamonds as a diamond can be worth several hundred times as much as a crystal.

“Madonna is renowned for her boundary-pushing and trendsetting tour outfits. Throughout her career, she has consistently used fashion to express herself and make a statement.

The Queen of Pop’s latest tour sees her wear a striking headpiece that was created by Berlin-based designer, Malakai. Made of sterling silver, it’s adorned with 25 large Swarovski crystals and paved with micro-crystals.

As it’s made of sterling silver – which is generally considered an affordable precious metal – and features crystals rather than diamonds, I’d estimate the extravagant piece to be worth £10,000. If it did feature real diamonds, it would be worth a lot more.”

Maxwell Stone, diamond expert, steven stone

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