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The £16.5k worth of jewellery that Sofia Richie wore during Milan Fashion Week

Renowned for her elegant and luxurious style, Sofia Richie Grainge – the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie – is always on our radar.

Milan marks the final Fashion Week of 2023 and we can’t get enough of the jewellery that she was flaunting at the Prada show. With jewellery choices that range from minimalist to statement, the fashion designer and model certainly knows to accessorise and she didn’t disappoint.

Decked out in Prada, the 25-year-old was sporting a red halterneck jumper, a long grey coat, grey cigarette trousers and black slingbacks. She completed her chic look with layers of jewellery from Los Angeles based fine jewellery brand, Anita Ko. 

Taking a look at the close up shots that Sofia posted to her Instagram, fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have compiled a list of the dazzling jewels that she was wearing, which total a staggering £16,567.

The ‘Claw’ earrings

• Teardrop-shaped earrings

• Made of 18k white gold

• Retails at £4376

‘Diamond Claw’ earrings

• Teardrop-shaped earrings

• Covered in 1.72 carats worth of diamonds

• Retails at £9732

‘Diamond Galaxy Ear Cuff’

• Covered in 0.66 carats worth of diamonds

• Slides over the outer edge of the ear

• Retails at £2459

“If there’s one thing we know about Sofia Richie Grainge’s jewellery, it’s that it’s chic, sophisticated, and expensive. A real showstopper, her emerald cut engagement ring from Elliot Grainge is worth £380,000 ($500,000) and sits alongside a £25,000 ($355,000) full diamond wedding band.

The model and fashion designer often wears jewellery from high-end brands and just this year, she became the newest ambassador for David Yurman. Decked out in Prada clothing, Sofia completed her look at Milan Fashion Week with a selection of jewellery from Anita Ko.

Sofia was wearing two sets of ‘Claw’ earrings – both teardrop shaped, one pair is made of 18k white gold and the other is covered in 1.72 carats worth of diamonds. Sofia was also wearing the ‘Diamond Galaxy Ear Cuff’ slid over the outer edge of her ear, which is covered in 0.66 carats worth of diamonds.

All together, Sofia was wearing £16,567 worth of jewels from the Los Angeles jewellery brand – and that was just on her ears. If you include her engagement and wedding rings, she was dazzling in £421,567 worth of jewellery.”

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