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A sunset proposal and vintage wedding that Phil and Emma will never forget

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing an engagement ring and it’s definitely not something that you want to rush.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your significant other takes time and research, but jewellery experts at Steven Stone are always at hand to guide you through the process.

When Phil came to see us ahead of popping the question to his partner, Emma, he was looking for a classic ring that oozed with elegance – and based on their proposal photos, we’re fairly certain that Emma loves it!

We recently caught up with Emma about her engagement and wedding rings, Phil’s sunset proposal and the happy couple’s big day.

Instagram: @travelwith_e.g
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g

Can you tell us a bit about your engagement ring?

Phil picked the ring by himself without my knowledgehe said that he wanted a classic look, something that was elegant and that flowed. He found my ring at Steven Stone near Bond Street and went for a couple of appointments. He really liked that the diamonds are ethically sourced/lab grown, which is also really important to me as well. I would have said yes regardless of what the ring looked like, but I absolutely love my ring. The setting of the ring has this unique twist to it which I love!

We also got our wedding rings from Steven Stone! They already had a platted wedding ring which I loved, but due to the twist in my setting, it didn’t fit snug next to it so they created an entirely unique platted wedding band that fit my engagement ring.

How did Phil propose? It looked like an idyllic setting.

We were in Santorini – he really wanted to do a picnic and had scouted some spots on Google before hand. On the day, we’d hired a quad bike and unbeknownst to me, we went to several of these spots but they were too crowded.

Because of this, he decided that he would propose at our Airbnb. He wanted to have the picnic at sunset, so we raced back on the quad bike – I was very confused as to why he was going so fast as we had so many sunsets to enjoy on our trip. We made it back to the Airbnb in one piece and had our private little picnic. He said how happy he had been over the last 8 years and then I burst into tears, then he burst into tears and at some point I said yes.

Instagram: @travelwith_e.g
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g

And what about your gorgeous wedding? We want all of the details!

Our wedding was in London where we have lived for the past 9 years together.

We hired two vintage double decker buses for all our guests and two white cabs for us – our ceremony venue was an old church that is now an events space/school and our reception venue was a pub which used to be an old bus depot.

In the evening we played something called banger bingo, which is like normal bingo but with songs that are played and there was a dance competition between my Mum and now brother in law, which we will never forget (obviously my Mum won!)

People always say that your wedding is the best day of your life, which we’ve always laughed at, but now we totally understand it – seeing all the people we loved in the same room is the reason for this.

Instagram: @phil.gifford
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g

Have you been away on your honeymoon?

We left for our honeymoon straight away, which was super fun! We went to the Maldives for two weeks and saw turtles, dolphins, sting rays and even sharks! It was honestly paradise on earth which is super cheesy, but true. For the first week we stayed in a hut on the beach and the second week we stayed in a hut over the water.

We didn’t want to come home and considered never leaving and getting a job in the hotel!

What made you choose Steven Stone?

Phil chose Steven Stone initially because of the staff – they were warm, friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. Also because the conflict free diamonds/lab grown diamonds really appealed, as well as the bespoke nature of the rings that they were able to make.

Instagram: @travelwith_e.g
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g
Instagram: @travelwith_e.g

If you’re looking for an engagement ring of your own, we have a stunning selection to choose from. Perhaps you already have a ring on your finger and are searching for the perfect wedding ring? If so, be sure to get in touch – we have expert jewellers in ManchesterLondon and Cheshire.

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