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Dilan & Kieran had TWO weddings – and one was in a particularly beautiful destination

Here at Steven Stone, we offer bespoke engagement rings, which provides you with the chance to design an extraordinary ring to reflect your partner.

Intrigued by the process, Kieran came to see us ahead of his proposal to Dilan – and we were thrilled to be able to play a small part in the couple’s love story.

After a particularly romantic proposal, Dilan said “yes” and the couple went on to tie the knot not just once, but TWICE.

Dilan recently took the time to chat to us about her gorgeous engagement ring, the couple’s honeymoon and how they ended up having two weddings.

Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards

Can you tell us a bit about your sparkling engagement ring?

The ring features an oval cut diamond in a halo setting, sat on a platinum band.

The diamond is really clear (bar one inclusion that I can’t spot for love nor money, but my husband assures me is there!)

Did you always have a design in mind for it, or did you have a helping hand?

The design was inspired by a friend, who had a marquise cut diamond.

Kieran liked it as you can leverage the surface area with a flatter diamond, producing more interesting sparkles in the light.

(Plus, despite only being a carat, it looks huge!)

How did Kieran propose?

We got engaged in Dartmouth on the 19th February, looking over the River Dart.

Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards
Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards
Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards

And what about your beautiful wedding in Istanbul?

Due to the pandemic, we ended up having two weddings – a small ceremony in Greenwich, London and the other in Istanbul.

I’m Turkish, so it was a no-brainer! We also love a destination wedding. We got married on one of the islands in Istanbul – Sedef Island – and it was the best day.

Have you been away on your honeymoon?

We have been on our honeymoon, yes! We went to Thailand and Vietnam.

Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards
Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards

What made you choose Steven Stone?

Kieran chose Steven Stone as you came highly recommended from his best friend. He liked the idea of building the ring and I’m very happy with it – compliments to the chef!

Instagram: @dilan.d.edwards

If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring of your own, we have a stunning selection to choose from. If nothing catches your eye then be sure to get in touch – we have expert jewellers in ManchesterLondon and Cheshire.

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