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How does Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring compare to Kate’s?

While it’s Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that receives tons of media attention, Pippa Middleton’s sparkler is also pretty impressive.

Globally, Pippa’s engagement ring receives 7,200 Google searches each year, making it more popular than many other royal pieces, including Princess Anne’s (5,400), Sarah Ferguson’s (3,000) and Sophie Wessex’s (2,400).

So, what makes her engagement ring so special? Leading diamond experts at Steven Stone took a close look to reveal everything you need to know.

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Everything you need to know about Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring

Pippa’s ring features an Asscher cut diamond, which is a rare choice, however no doubt exceedingly beautiful.

Asscher cuts look similar to emerald cuts with the key difference being that they are square, as opposed to rectangular. This cut features large step facets and a high crown that produces a brilliance unlike any other diamond shape.

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“Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring features an Asscher cut diamond, which is a rare choice. Interestingly, this type of cut was invented in 1902 by Joseph Asscher – a prestigious diamond cutter who provided jewels for Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. 

Asscher cut stones have become increasingly popular in recent years, however, they are still not as popular as round, emerald, and oval cut diamonds.

The centre stone in Pippa’s ring looks to be 3.5 carats and is no doubt of very high quality. It’s surrounded by a pave-set halo of diamonds and the geometrical design offers an elegant vintage style.

A ring like this would have a retail value of around £125,000 on today’s market, however Pippa’s could be worth slightly more thanks to her heritage.”

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How does Kate Middleton’s engagement ring compare to Pippa’s?

 James Matthews proposed to Pippa with a gorgeous Asscher-cut stone that’s surrounded by a halo of smaller round-cut diamonds. However, it couldn’t be more different from the ring that Kate received from Prince William.

Kate’s 12ct Ceylon sapphire engagement ring is one of the world’s most famous pieces of jewellery as it was inherited from William’s late mother, Princess Diana. The sapphire – originating from Sri Lanka – is a deep, royal blue, of AAAA quality, making it among the most valuable of its kind.

Both rings definitely have a vintage feel, however Pippa’s design is slightly more modern than Kate’s, which was originally purchased by Prince Charles in 1981.

Kate’s ring is also much more controversial. At the time of Prince Charles’s proposal to Diana, the ring received a lot of backlash, often being referred to as the “commoner’s ring”, because while being a creation from former Crown jeweller Garrard, it was not a unique design. It was also available to the general public, providing they had £28,500 to spend, which was the estimated price of the ring at the time.

Interestingly, soon after the engagement, Princess Diana had the ring modified. Originally, the ring was clasped into place with just eight prongs, attaching it to the band, however Diana then added a further six prongs, which are visible on top of the sapphire. It’s likely she did this to secure the precious stone, to prevent it from coming loose in the setting.

Today, Kate’s has an estimated value of around £350,000 – this makes it worth £225,000 more than Pippa’s.

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