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Kate Middleton has over £1.4 million of jewels on display in a new painted portrait

Tatler Magazine have released a new portrait of Kate Middleton that will serve as their July 2024 cover.

Painted by British artist Hannah Uzo, depicts Kate in a white gown and is based on a a photograph that was taken of the Princess of Wales at a state banquet.

As always, our attention was immediately drawn to the jewels on display, each piece having once adorned the late leading ladies of royalty.

Not only have diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have identified the jewels that Kate is wearing in the portrait, but they’ve also estimated their worth.

Instagram: @tatlermagazine

What is the portrait based on?

The portrait is based on Kate Middleton’s look at King Charles II’s first state banquet, which took place in November 2022.

The white tie banquet at Buckingham Palace was held in honour of visiting South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Instagram: @marieclairemag
Instagram: @marieclairemag

What jewellery was Kate wearing?

Queen Mary’s Lovers Knot Tiara

Estimated value: £1,000,000

Wearing her first tiara as the Princess of Wales, Kate paid tribute to both Queen Elizabeth II and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, with Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot tiara. 

Originally designed for Queen Mary back in 1913, the Lover’s Knot tiara was passed on to Queen Elizabeth II who presented it to Princess Diana for her royal wedding in 1981 – despite respectfully declining in favour of her father’s Spencer Family tiara, the tiara became one of her favourite pieces, although it’s claimed to have been so heavy that it hurt her head.

Kate has worn the tiara on many occasions, including in October 2018 when Queen Elizabeth loaned Kate Middleton the tiara to wear to a state dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Packed with the finest quality diamonds and pearls, our experts estimate the Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot tiara to be worth £1,000,000.

Diamond & South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings

Estimated value: £65,000

Kate was wearing Princess Diana’s stunning diamond and south sea pearl earrings. Having debuted them at the Baftas in 2019 in London, she’s since worn them to Royal Ascot in 2022, for the first Remembrance Sunday after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022 and the coronation of King Charles III in May 2023.

Princess Diana frequently wore the earrings both with and without the detachable pearls.

The earrings feature various cuts of diamonds, including a cluster of marquise cut diamonds in the centre and a suspended south sea pearl. 

Four Strand Pearl Bracelet

Estimated value: £40,000

Though it doesn’t appear to have been included in the portrait, Kate was wearing a very special bracelet at the event.

The layered pearl bracelet with a diamond clasp belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, who reportedly inherited it upon the death of her Grandmother, Queen Mary, in 1953.

Regularly worn with her other pearl jewellery, the late monarch notably wore the bracelet at the State Banquet for the President of Indonesia in 2012 and to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s 70th birthday in 1995.

Engagement Ring

Estimated value: £390,000

Kate was of course wearing her 12 carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring, which formerly belonged to Princess Diana.

Like with most precious gemstones, the quality and value of a sapphire is graded by its colour and hue, which can range from a light, pale blue to a dark, royal blue – the sapphire in Kate’s sparkler is a deep, royal blue, of AAAA quality, which means that it sits amongst the most valuable of its kind.

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