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Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana’s famous emerald choker in Boston – and it’s worth A LOT

Prince William and Kate Middleton have just returned from their first trip oversees since becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Before they flew home, the royal couple made an appearance at the 2022 Earthshot Prize awards ceremony in Boston, where Kate Middleton made quite the impression.

The Princess of Wales graced the green carpet in a rented off-the-shoulder gown from the brand Solace London, though it was her eye-catching emerald and diamond choker – previously worn by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana – that everybody had their eyes on.

Fine jewellery and engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone have shared everything we know about the choker – including how much the sentimental piece is worth and the story behind it labelling Princess Diana a trendsetter back in 1997.

Princess Diana’s Art Deco diamond-and-emerald choker was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II. This enviable piece of jewellery was a gift to Queen Mary by the Delhi Durbar during her visit with King George to India on December 12, 1911.

This gift was given to commemorate the succession of the Emperor of India during the British Reign in India.

Whilst designed to be worn as a necklace, Princess Diana often worn this sensational choker as a headband. The trend-setting Princess was last seen wearing her stunning diamond-and-emerald choker during a low-key gala celebration to mark her 36th birthday at London’s Tate Gallery on 1st July 1997.

The royal paired this spectacular choker with a stellar Jacques Azagury black floor-length beaded gown which she received as a gift from the fashion designer that morning.

Despite the headband looking fabulous, Royal biographer Kitty Kelley claimed in her book ‘The Royals’ that the fashion statement was actually an accident, as in a rush, Diana tried to put the choker over her head, rather than wait for someone to help her clasp it. When it got stuck and wouldn’t go over her nose, Canadian diplomat Victor Chapman convinced her to wear it as a headpiece instead.

“When it came to wearing jewellery, Princess Diana knew exactly how to make each piece stand out. From remodelling brooches into necklaces, to wearing chokers as headbands, she set some huge trends and was always showcasing her jewels in unique ways.

Whether it was an accident or not, wearing the Dehli Durbar Emerald Choker as a headpiece was a wonderful choice by the Princess and certainly supported her trendsetter reputation.

The diamonds in this piece alone are magnificent, looking to be around 10 carats each. They are old cut stones, which makes them even more valuable. While it’s so difficult to put a value on a piece like this that has such a rich history – even more so now that Kate has worn it – it could be worth from £10,000,000 to £15,000,000,000.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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