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King Charles will be presented with a new sword at his second coronation celebration

King Charles III’s second coronation celebration takes place this week – and there’ll be a new piece of royal regalia present.

The celebration will be part of Royal Week – an annual event that sees the monarch takes up residence in the Palace of Holyrood House and attend various events in Scotland.

On Wednesday 5th July, a procession will first take place down the Royal Mile, leading towards St Giles’ Cathedral, where a national Thanksgiving service will take place. During which, the King will be presented with the Scottish Crown Jewels – though there’ll be one difference as the Sword of State has been replaced.

Over 500 years old, the Sword of State has been deemed too fragile to use. Taking its place is a new ceremonial sword, called The Elizabeth – named after Queen Elizabeth II.

Fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything you need to know about The Elizabeth. 

Twitter: @sarahdiaryz
Twitter: @sarahdiaryz

Designed by former Ormond Pursuivant of Arms Mark Dennis and worked on by a number of expert Scottish craftspeople, the sword features a pommel of Lewisian gneiss, and a scabbard wrought from Perthshire oak,

Intent to create something that truly represents Scotland, Mark took inspiration from thistles – the national flower of Scotland – and the Scottish landscape.

According to a statement released by the Scottish government, the Elizabeth was commissioned at the end of last year, weighs 16.5lb (7.5kg) and cost approximately $27,952 (£22,000) to produce – it will be carried into St Giles’ by Dame Katherine Grainger DBE.

Comprised of the Crown of Scotland, a Sceptre and the Sword of State, the Honours of Scotland are the oldest crown jewels in the UK – so it’s going to be a historic moment to see King Charles presented with a new ceremonial sword.

According to The Royal Family’s website, the Sword of State symbolises the Sovereign’s Royal authority. Made in Italy as a gift to James IV from the Pope, it features a steel blade with a silver-gilt hilt, enclosed in a wooden scabbard which is covered in velvet. Over 500 years old, it’s bursting with heritage and is likely to be worth around £1.5 million.

Named The Elizabeth after Queen Elizabeth II, the swords replacement takes great inspiration from the thistles and the Scottish landscape – it reportedly weighs 16.5Ib and cost £22,000 to produce. Though as with any royal piece – especially the royal regalia – it’s safe to assume that it’s value will soar over the years.

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