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Princess Anne honours British soldiers with budget brooch

Princess Anne was greeted in Cyprus yesterday by President Nicos Anastasiades at the Presidential palace in Nicosia, during an official royal visit.

The Princess Royal has cast aside the controversy surrounding her nephew Prince Harry‘s newly released memoir and carried on with her royal duties, by visiting British soldiers serving with a United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus.

Princess Anne looked incredibly dapper in a tailored grey suit, which she accessorised with a small brooch that holds a deep meaning.

Fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything you need to know about the brooch – and you’re going to be very shocked at how little it cost.

Instagram: @fanroyalfamily
Instagram: @fanroyalfamily

Princess Anne appeared to be wearing the Royal Logistics Corps Lapel Badge.

Retailing at just £5.95 on Award Medals, the badge is made of high quality enamel and features the Royal Logistic Corps emblem with a secure clutch pin attachment.

It can be worn purely ornamental or to indicate the wearer’s affiliation to the RLC.

The Princess Royal made a similar tribute when she visited the Intelligence Corps back in November – accessorising with a silver brooch in the shape of the Intelligence Corps’ symbol, which is a rose with a crown on top of it, which appeared to be a sweet nod to her new position.

“Princess Anne’s collection of brooches is worth thousands, so it’s surprising to see her displaying one that values at just £5.95 – though this does say a lot about her modest character.

The brooch is the Royal Logistics Corps Lapel Badge – made of enamel, it features the Royal Logistic Corps emblem with a secure clutch pin attachment and can be worn purely ornamental or to indicate the wearer’s affiliation to the RLC. As the Colonel in Chief of the British Army’s Intelligent Corps, we can safely assume that the Princess Royal put a lot of thought into her choice of brooch and wanted to honour the British soldiers serving with a United Nations peacekeeping force in a divided country.

Princess Anne isn’t the first royal to have broken the mold and worn affordable jewellery. Kate Middleton recently wore a pair of sustainable earrings from Sézane that retail at just £100.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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