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Princess Anne served up a winning jewellery moment in Dubai

Princess Anne’s unwavering dedication to royal duties stands out as exemplary, especially in the current absence of King Charles and Kate Middleton, making her reputation as the hardest working royal truer than ever.

Last week, the Princess Royal embarked on a trip to Dubai. On Friday 1st March, she attended a UAE Celebration Dinner for senior leaders from across the shipping industry and the wider business community, as well as the British Ambassador and the Consul General.

During the dinner, Her Royal Highness discussed the endeavors of the Mission to Seafarers in Dubai and around the world, underscoring our enduring reliance on seafarers and emphasising their reciprocal need for our sustained support.

While it was her iconic three strand pearl necklace that stood out, it was her interesting brooch that caught the eyes of diamond experts at Steven Stone.

“Princess Anne was wearing what appears to be an antique diamond brooch. Known for her penchant for recycling jewellery, she previously showcased it during her attendance at King Constantine II’s funeral in Athens last January.

The brooch boasts a large central yellow stone – which is likely to be citrine or topaz – surrounded by diamonds. A single pearl sits atop of the central stone. The Princess Royal is no stranger to wearing pearls and the brooch was paired with her iconic three strand pearl necklace and a pair of pearl drop earrings.

Serving as a symbol of strength, purity and good fortune, pearls are believed to provide protection to the wearer – making them an apt choice for Her Royal Highness at this moment in time, who is currently undergoing more engagements than ever due to the absence of King Charles and Kate Middleton.

I’d estimate the brooch to be worth around $30,000 (£23,600).”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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