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Queen Camilla brought us a bejewelled surprise this week – and it has an insane price tag

The royal family’s jewellery collection features some of the world’s most eye-catching jewels – some of which have crazy price tags.

While earrings and necklaces normally take centre stage, the late Queen Elizabeth II was most famously known for wearing a variety of beautiful brooches. Since her sad passing, various members of the royal family have paid homage to the former monarch by wearing her jewels and it warms our hearts every single time.

This week, Queen Camilla surprised us with her debut of the Williamson Pink Diamond Brooch, one of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s most valuable treasures. Diamond experts at Steven Stone couldn’t wait to dig a bit deeper into the piece, which features one of the rarest flawless diamonds in the WORLD.

Instagram: @thediamondtalk 
Instagram: @thediamondtalk

Mined in Tanzania at the Williamson mine by Canadian geologist, John Thoburn Williamson, the uncut 54.5 carat pink diamond in the the brooch was given to Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

In 1953, the rough gem was cut and polished to a weight of 23.6 carats and used to feature in this platinum brooch by Cartier alongside another 203 white diamonds, including brilliants, marquises, and baguettes.

Most notably, Queen Elizabeth II wore the brooch for the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles to Princess Diana, And, in 1999, she chose it for the wedding of her youngest son, the Earl of Wessex, and Sophie Rhys-Jones.

Found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world, pink diamonds are one of the rarest coloured diamonds that exist, which is why our experts estimate the Williamson Pink Diamond Brooch to be worth a staggering £25,000,000.

“Queen Camilla surprised us all with her debut of the Williamson Pink Diamond Brooch this week. One of the late Queen Elizabeth’s Cartier treasures, the brooch features the Williamson stone – a 23.60 carat diamond that the late monarch received as a wedding gift from Canadian geologist, John Thorburn Williamson.

As a rough gem, the stone weighed 54.5 carats – the then Princess Elizabeth displayed it at St. James’s Palace ahead of her royal wedding to Prince Philip. She later turned to diamond cutters Briefel and Lemer to transform the rough diamond into a faceted gem. 

Found in a small number of diamond mines throughout the world, pink diamonds are one of the rarest coloured diamonds that exist. Worth £25,000,000, the Williamson brooch was the second most valuable brooch in Queen Elizabeth II’s collection – beaten only by the Cullinan III and IV brooch, which boasts a huge value of £50,000,000.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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