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Queen Camilla made a sweet nod to Kate Middleton with her latest brooch

Wearing a navy coat embellished with a sapphire and diamond brooch, Queen Camilla arrived on the Isle of Man earlier today. Her Majesty touched down at Ronaldsway Airport and proceeded to Douglas.

Although Kate Middleton’s engagement ring garners considerable attention in discussions about sapphires within the royal family’s jewellery collection, it isn’t the most valuable sapphire piece in their possession – the brooch that Queen Camilla is wearing on the other hand, comes very close.

Fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the brooch – from its origin to its all important price tag.

Twitter: @sarahdiaryz
Twitter: @sarahdiaryz

Queen Camilla was wearing the Prince Albert brooch, which he secretly commissioned Garrard to make in 1840 for his bride to be, Queen Victoria.

On the evening of the royal couple’s wedding, Prince Albert presented her with the brooch, which she cherished dearly and wore often. Upon being inherited by Queen Elizabeth II, it became a signature accessory of the late monarch’s and gracing many of her most memorable ensembles.

The magnificent brooch boasts a large oval or cushion cut sapphire, which our experts estimate it to be at least 40cts. The stone is surrounded by 12 large diamonds, which look to be around 12cts.

According to our experts, due to its clarity and intense colour, the sapphire is likely to have been sourced from Burma. They approximate that if it were to go up for auction today, it could potentially fetch a value of around £8,000,000, thanks to its historic legacy.

“The brooch contains a large oval or cushion shaped sapphire, which is at least 40cts. The breath-taking gem is also surrounded by 12 large diamonds, which look to be around 12cts.”

Due to the clarity and intense colour of the sapphire it was possibly sourced from Burma. If it was to be sold today, it would be worth around £8,000,000, thanks to its historic legacy.

When the brooch was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II, it became one of her staple accessories and she incorporated it into many of her most iconic outfits. The brooch is just one in a series of heirloom sapphires that Queen Camilla has worn since the late monarch’s passing and her husband’s accession.

The brooch is said to have inspired the design for Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, which was originally given to Princess Diana from Prince Charles. Thus, making it even more of a sentimental choice from the Queen at this particular moment in time, with the Princess of Wales out of the spotlight while she recovers from surgery.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

King Charles and Queen Camilla embarked on a royal tour of Germany in April 2023, which was their first official state visit since becoming monarchs.

After taking the train from Berlin to Hamburg on their final day, their majesties braved the rain to lay a wreath at the Kindertransport Monument outside Hamburg Dammtor Station.

Looking a vision in blue, Camilla was wearing an Anna Valentine coat and dress, alongside the Prince Albert brooch.

Instagram: @hm_queen_camilla

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