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Queen Camilla wears her favourite earrings during a visit to Mtongwe Naval Base

King Charles and Queen Camilla are currently in the midst of a four day trip to Kenya.

After two days in Nairobi, today saw the royal couple move onto Mobasa. They were welcomed by the President of the Republic of Kenya, William Ruto during a visit to Mtongwe Naval Base, which they visited in order to see how Britain’s Royal Marines are training their Kenyan equivalents.

Looking pretty in pastel pink, Queen Camilla was wearing an Anna Valentine chiffon tunic, alongside white palazzo trousers. Keeping her jewellery minimal, the Queen accessorised with her favourite earrings.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the delicate earrings and revealed everything there is to know.

“For the third day of hers and King Charles’ royal visit to Kenya, Queen Camilla has worn a pair of earrings that feature a pierced round pearl pendant that hangs from intricate silver-toned discs.

Debuted on her wedding day to the then Prince Charles in 2005, the earrings are one of the Queen’s favourites and she wears them to most of her engagements and occasionally evening receptions as well. 

During an interview with British Vogue to mark her 75th birthday back in July 2022, Queen Camilla revealed a controversial opinion regarding jewellery – admitting to never wanting to get her ears pierced. This would explain why she favours these earrings, as they must be clip-on jewels.

I’d estimate the earrings to be worth £38,500.”

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