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Queen Camilla’s horsefly brooch (that could be her most sentimental piece yet!)

On Wednesday afternoon, Queen Camilla hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace to recognise those who support survivors of sexual assault and to mark the relaunch of the Wash Bags Project.

Originally initiated by Her Majesty back in 2013, the Wash Bags Project is a scheme that provides a wash bag of toiletries – donated by Boots – to people who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse. Offered at SARCs after a forensic examination, they’re a small gesture of comfort during a difficult time.

Looking as elegant as ever in a blue collared dress and black heels, the Queen accessorised with her blue Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet and a mysterious insect brooch.

This specific brooch initially captured our attention during Queen Camilla’s visit to Shrewsbury back in March, which marked its debut appearance. Eager to delve deeper into its craftsmanship and significance, fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have wasted no time in examining the intricacies of this delicate piece and uncovering its secrets.

In the shape of a horsefly, the delicate accessory is crafted from yellow gold. The insects body and eyes appear to be set with sapphires, while it’s wings are set with diamonds.

Queen Camilla debuted the mysterious piece during her visit to Shrewsbury in March of this year – which included visits to the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings site and the local Farmer’s Market – where she wore it alongside a bee-shaped brooch.

The true origin of the brooch remains unconfirmed, yet speculation is rampant that it may hold a significant tie to Queen Elizabeth II. Among the late monarch’s cherished possessions was diamond bee brooch adorned with a cabochon sapphire, which was reportedly one of her first brooches. Considering Queen Camilla has inherited a great deal of Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery, the possibility is certainly within the realm of possibility.

“Queen Camilla’s latest brooch has ignited intrigue among royal fashion enthusiasts and jewellery experts alike, who saw the piece for the first time in March of this year, when Her Majesty wore it during her visit to Shrewsbury.

Fashioned in the likeness of a horsefly, the exquisite accessory is meticulously crafted from yellow gold. The insect’s body and eyes are adorned with sapphires, while its wings shimmer with the brilliance of diamonds.

The origin of the brooch remains shrouded in mystery. Given Queen Camilla’s inheritance of Queen Elizabeth II’s extensive jewellery collection following her passing, speculation suggests that it could be the cherished piece believed to be among the late monarch’s earliest acquisitions, which is known to be a diamond bee brooch, adorned with a cabochon sapphire.

With all of this in mind, I’d estimate the small brooch to be worth around £5,000.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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