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Queen Camilla’s latest brooches have a poignant history

Queen Camilla stepped in today to lead a royal party at St.George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Dozens of foreign royals travelled to Windsor to attend a service of thanksgiving for the late King Constantine of Greece, who was Prince William’s Godfather.

Prince William pulled out of attending the memorial service due to personal reasons earlier today. The King – who is second cousin to the former Greek monarch – was also missing as he continues his cancer treatment. Royals in attendance included Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Beatrice and both Zara and Mike Tindall.

Looking as elegant as ever in navy pinstripes, Queen Camilla was wearing TWO special royal brooches for the first time – and diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone couldn’t wait to take a closer look at them.

Queen Camilla was wearing the Greville Ivy Leaf Clips. Adorned with a central brilliant diamond and pavé-set Ivy Leaves in platinum, they hold a rich history.

The first brooch was crafted by Cartier in 1930 for the Hon Mrs Greville. An identical brooch was commissioned in 1937. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth presented the brooches to Queen Elizabeth II on her 21st Birthday.

Their significance was further highlighted when Queen Elizabeth II wore them with poignance 75 years later for her Platinum Jubilee.

“Queen Camilla adorned herself with the timeless Greville Ivy Leaf Clips, each embellished with a central brilliant diamond and pavé-set Ivy Leaves in platinum. Originating from Cartier, the first brooch was crafted for the Hon Mrs Greville in 1930 and found its companion in an identical clip that was commissioned in 1937.

A poignant history unfolds as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth presented these brooches to Queen Elizabeth II on her 21st Birthday, who wore them 75 years later for her Platinum Jubilee.

It carries deep significance that Queen Camilla chose to adorn herself with Queen Elizabeth II’s enduring brooches while leading a service, mirroring the late monarch’s years of leadership over the country.

Carrying not just monetary worth but a rich tapestry of history and homage, I’d estimate the brooches to be worth approximately $40,000 each.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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