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Queen Camilla’s Royal Ascot brooch carries a deep message

This year’s Royal Ascot is in full swing, and we are absolutely loving the splendid royal appearances.

Yesterday, Queen Camilla was accompanied by Prince William in the traditional carriage procession, marking a rare joint appearance by the pair. King Charles was absent, due to a meeting with the President of Zambia at Buckingham Palace.

For her second appearance at Ascot this year, Queen Camilla opted for a stunning white lace and turquoise ensemble. Though of course, it was her striking jewellery that caught our eye.

Diamond experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a close look at the Queen’s brooch, revealing everything there is to know – from which royal it originally belonged to, to how much it’s worth.

“Queen Camilla honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II by wearing her turquoise and diamond filigree brooch. This historic piece originally belonged to Queen Mary, who received it as a wedding present from her in-laws in 1893. As with much of her jewellery, it was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II.

A round cut turquoise sits at the centre of the brooch – a stone that’s long been associated with healing and peace. Although Queen Elizabeth II didn’t wear the brooch in public until 2014, she most notably wore it to address the nation during the pandemic in April 2020, a turbulent and unusual time for everyone.

Thus, Queen Camilla’s choice of this brooch may carry a deeper message. Not only are King Charles and the Princess of Wales still recovering from cancer treatment, but the nation is also preparing for next month’s election. I’d estimate the intricate piece to be worth £40,000 ($50,800).”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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