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Queen Elizabeth II’s most meaningful brooch was a gift from Prince Philip

From huge, flawless diamonds to magnificent rubiessapphires, and pearlsQueen Elizabeth II’s jewellery collection featured some of the world’s most eye-catching jewels and it wasn’t unusual for her to send subtle messages through them.

While earrings and necklaces normally take centre stage, Queen Elizabeth II was most famously known for wearing a variety of beautiful brooches. Some of which have been passed down to other members of the Royal family, including Princess Anne and Kate Middleton.

There’s no denying that one of the late monarchs most symbolic – and favourite – pieces was her Scarab brooch, which Prince Philip gifted to her in 1966..

To celebrate what would have been the couples wedding anniversary on 20th November 2023, fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have taken a close look at the piece.

Instagram: @itsroyalgram
Instagram: @itsroyalgram

Prince Philip gifted Queen Elizabeth II a wealth of sentimental gifts throughout their marriage – from her engagement ring that featured a nod to his Mother, to the bracelet that he designed to mark the couples fifth wedding anniversary.

After recognising Andrew Grima for raising the international reputation of modern British jewellery in the mid sixties, Philip bought the Scarab brooch from the jewellers collection, to gift to his wife – the unique piece features a carved ruby in its center that’s designed to resemble an Egyptian scarab.

Queen Elizabeth II wore the piece on many occasions – including at the start of her Golden Jubilee tour in Falmouth in 2002, for her televised Christmas message in December 2007 and during a state visit to Slovenia in 2008. She also wore the piece during hers and Prince Philip’s official platinum anniversary portrait in 2017 and to Philip’s memorial in 2022.

“Queen Elizabeth II had a huge collection of exquisite brooches, but this one stands out by a mile. Its design is breathtaking, unique and it had been part of her jewellery collection since 1966.

The Scarab brooch features over 20cts of cabochon rubies, which are often associated with love, passion, courage, and raw emotion. The stones are placed on a magnificent yellow gold setting, which makes the piece one of a kind.

Gifted to the Queen Elizabeth II by Prince Philip, the brooch held a lot of sentimental value and the late monarch wore it on many occasions throughout her reign – most notably during hers and Philip’s platinum anniversary portrait in 2017, and to Philip’s memorial service in 2022.

I’d estimate a brooch like this to have a value of around £250,000.”

Maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone jewellers

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