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The significance of pearls for bridesmaids gifts

The rarity and elegance of pearls make them a stunning gift to give at a wedding. Whether the pearls are for bridesmaids or the bride, they make a beautiful addition to any wedding outfit when worn as earrings or in a necklace. There are many different types of pearl and they grow in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours.

The colours of pearls signify different things symbolically, with white pearls suggesting innocence and honesty and pink or rose pearls representing love and friendship. Before the development of cultured pearls, only natural pearls were available.

The only way to find pearls naturally was to manually gather oysters and mussels from the ocean floor and the bottom of lakes – a risky process with low success probability. This is what first gave pearls their status as rare and valuable objects of desire. Now, most pearls are cultured in saltwater farms in Japan, China, and Vietnam.

The tradition of wedding day pearls

Wearing pearls at weddings is no new concept. Cultures around the world have used pearls as gifts and adornments in wedding rituals throughout the ages. In ancient Rome, pearls were a symbol of wealth and high social standing due to their rarity. For the ancient Greeks, they symbolised a harmonious marriage.

During the renaissance, laws were put in place that permitted only the Nobles to wear pearls. The meaning of pearls in a wedding was for nobility to display their wealth, power and hierarchy. However, pearls are a symbol of transformation in Eastern cultures, where wearers are seen as pure and dignified.

Giving pearls as a bridesmaid gift

In most cultures, a wedding is a big event. Unlike some other cultural traditions, though, there are plenty of smaller rituals that take place over the course of a wedding. One of these, usually occurring on the evening before the ceremony, sees the bride and bridesmaids present each other with a gift.

Pearls have built a reputation for being ideal gifts for both bridesmaids and brides, as a gift of jewellery is thought to symbolise enduring friendship or sisterhood. If pearls are chosen as a gift for the bridesmaids, they’ll also bring the additional benefit of creating a greater sense of unity in their outfits.

Pearl jewellery also makes the perfect bridal party gift. It’s timeless, classic and eye catching yet still understated. The elegance associated with pearls will go with any outfit or theme and, with a variety of colours and shapes available, you can choose a type that complements the bridesmaids’ dresses or the wedding gown.

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