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Everything there is to know about Kanye West’s titanium dentures

Kanye West has taken to Instagram to show off his new metal dentures that resemble the ones worn by the character Jaws in two James Bond films. The rapper uploaded a series of photos, which included one of the iconic villain.

Fitted by Dr Thomas Connelly alongside Naoki Hayashi, Master Dental Technician, the dentures are a new surgical model and unique to the musician. The Beverly Hills-based dentist designs custom dental art for entertainers and athletes.

This isn’t the first time that Kanye has made such an eccentric change to his appearance and he once revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in a candid conversation about his unique style that he’d replaced his bottom row of teeth with gold and diamonds.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the rappers new smile…

Instagram: @viewsfrance
Instagram: @viewsfrance
Instagram: @viewsfrance

Designed by Kanye in collaboration with a group of dentists and cosmetic surgeons, the dentures are said to have set the rapper back a staggering $850,000.

The dentures are crafted from titanium, which is widely recognised for its remarkable durability and is a favoured substance across diverse sectors – from aerospace to medical implants. With its biocompatible nature, the metal is well tolerated by the human body, causing no immune response.

Taking into account the cost of titanium, which currently trades at just $5.62 per gram, the estimated value of the dentures is unlikely. According to our experts, the high value is likely to be due to them being designed and fitted by some of the finest professionals in the industry rather than the material used.

“Kanye West consistently makes headlines for his controversial statements and actions, ensuring that he remains a constant topic of discussion in the media. The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to show off his new metal dentures that resemble the ones worn by Jaws, the villain from two James Bond films.

Designed by Kanye and a team of dentists and cosmetic surgeons, the dentures are made of titanium and reportedly cost the rapper an eye-watering $850,000. Renowned for its exceptional strength, titanium is a preferred material in various industries – including medical implants. Biocompatible, it’s well tolerated by the human body and doesn’t elicit an immune response.

It may come as a surprise that Kanye didn’t opt for diamond dentures like when he previously replaced his bottom row of teeth gold and diamonds. Not only because they’re one of the hardest materials known to man, but as they symbolise both wealth and status – two things that the rapper is always keen to boast.

Never a stranger to making bold and controversial claims, Kanye has claimed that the dentures cost more than if they had been made with diamonds, which is highly unlikely. Lacking the rarity and cultural significance that contribute to the high cost of diamond, titanium currently trades at just $5.62 per gram. In comparison, gold currently trades at $64.72 per gram.

With all of this in mind, the staggering value of Kanye’s dentures is likely to be a result of the service cost rather than the material used.”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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