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Perrie Edwards received a showstopping engagement ring from Zayn Malik

As the world marks another orbit around the sun for Zayn Malik, fans and admirers alike are gearing up to celebrate the multifaceted artist’s birthday in grand style.

Beyond his chart-topping hits and charismatic stage presence, Zayn has often made headlines for his personal life, including a chapter that continues to sparkle in the memories of many – his engagement to fellow pop sensation, Perrie Edwards.

In the annals of celebrity romance, Zayn and Perrie’s love story remains a captivating tale and one particular element that adds an extra gleam to their history is the breathtaking engagement ring that the ex One Direction member proposed with.

Taking a stroll down the memory lane of this iconic couple’s journey, engagement ring experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the dazzling token of commitment that symbolised a chapter in their lives that left an indelible mark on pop culture.

How did Zayn and Perrie meet?

Zayn and Perrie’s love story started in 2011, when both artists were riding the waves of success with their respective bands – Zayn with the globally acclaimed One Direction, and Perrie as a member of the chart-topping girl group Little Mix. Fate intervened when the two bands crossed paths on the set of talent series, ‘The X Factor’.

The couple reportedly began dating in early 2012 and Zayn popped the question two years later. They were together for another two years before he called off their engagement, shortly after announcing that he was leaving One Direction.

Perrie’s engagement ring from Zayn

Zayn proposed to Perrie with a gorgeous four claw trilogy engagement ring that features round brilliant cut diamonds – a cut that reflects light both internally and externally, which creates a beautiful and impressive sparkle.

The sparkler boasts a 1.5 carat centre stone, flanked by a 0.5 carat side stone either side, making it a three stone engagement ring. Symbolising the past, present, and future of a couple’s journey, three stone engagement rings are an incredibly romantic choice.

Representing over two thirds of all diamonds sold, round cut diamonds are traditionally the first and most popular diamond that’s given as a symbol of commitment. From our study, 20% of celebrities chose round cut engagement rings in 2023 – including Ramona Agrum, who received a 2.55 carat round cut diamond in a six prong setting from Rebel Wilson.

Known for his eclectic and avant-garde sense of style, Zayn veered away from the conventional route when it came to choosing a band – the artist opted for an intricately engraved vintage-style band that enhances the overall elegance of the piece.

Instagram: @perrieedwards

Perrie’s ring from Zayn features three round cut diamonds – the main stone looks to be 1.5 carats, whilst the side stones total 0.5 carats. Four prongs extend up from the band to securely hold the centre diamond, offering a stylish and modern look.

The most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, round cuts diamonds are always an excellent choice as they enhance a gems sparkle – they’re also the most expensive diamond shape and the only one that the GIA grades for cut.

The showstopper is a three stone engagement ring. Representing the past, present, and future of a relationship, three stone settings captivate the hearts of those who appreciate both the visual appeal and emotional resonance.

Veering away from the conventional route, Zayn opted for an intricately engraved vintage-style band that enhances the overall elegance of the piece.

With all of this in mind, I’d estimate the rings value to be around £25,000 ($30,000).”

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

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