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How Steven Stone champion sustainability

In an industry often associated with luxury and opulence, Steven Stone stands out as a beacon of environmental responsibility.

From sourcing conflict-free gemstones to implementing sustainable production methods, Steven Stone is redefining what it means to create beautiful, high-quality jewellery without compromising the health of our planet.

To celebrate World Environment Day, we’ve shared the innovative steps that we take to ensure that our stunning pieces not only captivate hearts but also protect the Earth.

Where We Source From

At Steven Stone, we are dedicated to ensuring that our diamonds are ethically sourced and environmentally responsible. As a third-generation luxury jeweller, we are committed to offering ultimate transparency.

Our range of conflict free diamonds are from natural and lab grown sources – originating from Canada, Botswana, Namibia, Russia and South Africa.

Natural: Diamonds sourced from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Canada are often referred to as ‘Botswana Sort’, because they are brought to Botswana for sorting and sale. All of our Botswana Sort stones are from minds that adhere to internationally recognised labour and environmental standards. Revenue from Botswana’s prosperous diamond industry has contributed greatly to the country’s infrastructure, education and health care services. Its mines are committed to minimising their environmental impact and many sites are repurposed after use.

Lab Grown: We source our lab grown diamonds from laboratories in China, Indie, Russia and the United States. Created under highly controlled conditions that mimic the Earth’s atmosphere, lab grown diamonds possess the same physical, atomic and elemental properties as mined diamonds. Indistinguishable to the naked eye from mined diamonds, they possess the same sparkle and brilliance. Because no mining is required, lab grown diamonds are considered to be a responsible choice.

Photo: Steven Stone
Photo: Steven Stone

Commitment to GIA Diamonds

At Steven Stone, we are passionate about quality, which is why all of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The GIA does not sell or source stones; it is the world’s most respected grading laboratory. An independent, non-profit organisation, it is the global authority on diamond grading and gem identification. It measures stones on their colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.

We believe that this information is vital for customers to be able to compare diamonds on their price and quality. With a GIA certificate, you can buy with total confidence.

Fully Traceable Diamonds

Once extracted, a diamond is personalised with QR code using laser marking. This primary information about the stone is instantaneously recorded on blockchain and from then on can never be passed off.

Every element of supply chain from miner to end owner makes an entry in the register via smartphone: extraction site, original color, place of cutting and setting, certification, transportation, right of ownership.

With this QR Code you will have access to everywhere your diamond has been including who has cut, polished and set your diamond.

Photo: Steven Stone
Photo: Steven Stone

Recycled Precious Metals

Once refined, recycled gold and platinum are of identical quality to (and therefore completely indistinguishable form) newly mined refined gold or platinum. For this reason, our refiner is independently audited and certified to guarantee that their metals really are 100% recycled.

Our objective is to help diminish the negative impacts of dirty gold by reducing the demand for newly mined metals and contributing to programs dedicated to improving mining practices.

Steven Stone’s precious metals come from numerous sources, including post-consumer materials – such as existing jewellery, industrial-use metals and electronics components; material from in-house recycling, refining and product manufacturing or other secondary sources; and investment gold and gold-bearing products.

We encourage our customers to recycle their own gold and platinum jewellery that they no longer wear. We will gladly accept and recycle any gold or platinum jewellery – in return, we will offer a credit towards any Steven Stone purchase of equal or greater value based on current metal prices.

The Kimberley Process

Supported by the United Nations and recognised worldwide, The Kimberley process is a standard now adopted throughout the diamond trade to monitor imports of rough diamonds and ensure they are conflict free. The process has been widely successful in stopping the flow of conflict diamonds into the open market.

Steven Stone has a zero tolerance approach to conflict diamonds. We insist that all of our diamond suppliers adhere to The Kimberley process and go beyond its guidelines to fully ensure our diamonds are sourced ethically.

Instagram: @aljazeeraenglish
Instagram: @aljazeeraenglish

Giving Back

Steven Stone is committed to giving back through industry schemes dedicated to enhancing environmental practices and improving human rights.

The reality of diamond and gold mining is that many materials are sourced by artisanal miners. These are local people working independently or on a small and unregulated scale, often using hand tools and manually intensive methods. These workers live in abject poverty and are often subject to unacceptable working conditions.

Steven Stone strives to go above and beyond the usual industry standards by donating to schemes concerned with stopping the flow of ‘blood diamonds’, such as the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI). By only selling diamonds certified by the GIA, we can also ensure that our stones are conflict-free as they adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Instagram: @aljazeeraenglish
Instagram: @aljazeeraenglish

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