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Queen Camilla’s antique brooch that demonstrates her unwavering support for King Charles

Queen Camilla’s dedication to her responsibilities has garnered praise as she has taken on additional duties in light of recent health updates regarding King Charles and the Princess of Wales. Throughout the week, Camilla has been actively participating in solo royal engagements.

On Wednesday, Her Majesty opened Maggie’s Royal Free, a new cancer support centre at the Royal Free Hospital in London – during which, she was wearing an antique brooch that’s laced with sentiment.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone have taken a closer look at the piece, revealing everything there is to know…

During the unveiling of a new cancer support center at the Royal Free Hospital in London, Her Majesty was spotted adorned with an enamel and diamond brooch.

The exquisite piece, dating back to around 1890, showcases a square of old cut diamonds intricately intertwined with two ribbon-like strands of green enameled gold. Symbolising the union of two lives bound by love, the brooch serves as a poignant and romantic gesture from Queen Camilla.

This isn’t the first time that the Queen has used her jewellery to underscore that King Charles is ever-present in her thoughts recently and just last week, she wore a Britannia brooch to visit Refuge’s Gala Centre. A symbol of British strength, the brooch was a sentimental choice in light of both King Charles and Kate Middleton undergoing medical procedures.

“Though she’s been busier than ever participating in solo royal engagements due to King Charles currently recovering from an operation, Queen Camilla has cleverly utilised her jewellery selections to demonstrate her unwavering support for her husband this week.

As she opened a new cancer support centre at the Royal Free Hospital in London, Her Majesty could be seen wearing an enamel and diamond set brooch. Featuring a square of old cut diamonds interwoven with two ribbon like green enamelled gold strands, the delicate piece dates from around 1890.

The interweaving of two unbroken strands is symbolic of two lives which have been joined together by love, making the brooch a particularly romantic choice from the Queen as it shows that King Charles is always on her mind.

I’d estimate the brooch to be worth around $25,000 (£20,000).”

maxwell stone, creative director, steven stone

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