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Queen Maxima received THREE rings worth over £750K from her husband – and the reason why is beautiful

Queen Maxima has a stunning orange diamond engagement ring, but that’s not the only ring she’s received from King Willem-Alexander.

The stunning royal often pairs her engagement ring with three other rings – which have both monetary and sentimental value. Easily mistaken for engagement rings, all three were gifted to her by her husband to celebrate the births of each of their children.

Perhaps the most interesting is the diamond ring that Willem-Alexander bestowed to celebrate the arrival of the couple’s third daughter, Princess Ariane, which is very similar in design to the engagement ring worn by the Duchess of Cornwall.

Taking a close look at the three rings, Steven Stone’s leading jewellery experts have revealed everything you need to know…

Princess Catharina-Amalia

To mark the birth of their first daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia, Willem-Alexander gifted Maxima with a ruby and diamond ring that she wears on her right hand.

The ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone that has accrued special and symbolic meaning through time. Through the ages, the ruby has represented nobility, purity, and passion.  Physically, rubies are believed to energise and balance, whilst encouraging a passion for life. They are also said to overcome exhaustion and calm hyperactivity when worn daily.

If that wasn’t enough, the ruby featured in this ring is incredibly special, as it’s a pigeon blood ruby, which is not only visually flawless, but also incredibly rare.

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Instagram: @RoyalWatcher3

“This ring features a Burma pigeon blood ruby, which is considered most desirable and of course, most expensive of it’s kind. Rubies are rare, but pigeon blood rubies have a unique, intense colour that makes them extremely precious and valuable.

“The stone looks to be in the range of 4 to 4.5ct. Taking into account its rarity, at the utmost quality, this ring could be worth more than £345,000 ($450,000)”.

zack stone, managing director, steven stone

Princess Alexia

This ring is often mistaken for Queen Maxima’s engagement ring as it features a similar orange gemstone. However, this is a different jewel which was gifted to Maxima after the birth of the couple’s second daughter, Princess Alexia.

Rather than an orange diamond, this ring features an orange sapphire, which are equally as rare. Orange sapphire’s are believed to stimulate sexual strength and appetite and increase fertility, suggesting maybe the King wanted another child? If so, the powers of the sapphire definitely worked!

Instagram: @patrickvkatwijk
Instagram: @RoyalWatcher3

 “The orange gemstone featured in this beautiful ring is likely to be an orange sapphire – which once again sees her pay homage to the Netherlands. At around a whopping 10 carats, I’d estimate it to retail at £92,000 ($120,000). While it’s notably similar to the engagement ring Queen Maxima wears, the setting of the stone is the most obvious way to distinguish the two.

Zack stone, managing director, steven stone

Princess Ariana

To celebrate the birth of their youngest daughter, Princess Ariana, Willem-Alexander gifted Maxima with an emerald-cut diamond ring.

Although very unique, it does share a likeness with Queen Camilla’s engagement ring from King Charles, which also features a huge emerald-cut stone. The main difference is that Camilla’s diamond is flanked on either side by three diamond baguettes, whereas Queen Maxima’s is flanked by two smaller stones.

Instagram: @queen.maxima
Instagram: @RoyalWatcher3

“This ring is incredible. Featuring what looks to be a 7-8 carat emerald cut diamond, I’d estimate its value to be approximately £420,000 ($540,000). The stone will no doubt be of the highest quality – from looking at the images, it looks almost flawless. Featuring two smaller emerald cut stones on either side, three-stone rings are believed to represent the past, the present, and the future, however in this case, the stones could represent the couple’s three children.

Zack stone, managing director, steven stone

Queen Maxima isn’t the only royal who’s received jewels upon the birth of their children, either. Kate Middleton received a pendant with George’s full name on it, a 0.23 carat diamond and 18ct white gold white gold ring from Annoushka, which cost around £1,200 at the time, and a diamond eternity ring, which we estimate is worth £1,500.

Prince Harry also updated Meghan Markle’s eternity ring by the birthstones of Prince Harry and Archie, suggesting he wanted to make a piece of jewellery more symbolic and meaningful.

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